Small Business: Don't Overlook Web Hosting

I work with a lot of small business owners. One particularly eager new business owner recently told me: “I've just created a website, and I'm going to be open for business online soon!” My response? “That's great! What web hosting company did you decide to go with?” I was met with a blank stare, a furrowed brow, and the response: “I'm not sure.” Small Business: Don't Overlook Web Hosting

So often, entrepreneurs spend countless hours designing and building a website. Great thought is put into the layout and design of that site. But, the backend of the site is often forgotten. It's not enough to sign up for a cheap web hosting package or decide on Linux hosting over any other type. There are some really important details that all small business owners must consider first.

What Are Your Needs?

Most small businesses don't have an IT department. This is fine. What's not fine is opting for a cheap hosting company that doesn't provide complete and full service. No IT guy on staff? Make sure your hosting company has one.

Large or Small

In many cases, larger web hosting companies like Amazon offer more deals and better options. Sometimes, though, smaller hosting companies are a better way to go. Make sure to read all about every large and small company you are considering using before you make your decision.

Speed Matters

Running a website in North America? Keep speed in mind. Try to find a web hosting company that's based in a major area. This will often ensure faster speeds — and don't choose a company overseas, no matter how cheap it may be.

Money Isn't the Most Important Thing

I know. Startups have a budget. But, don't skimp on your hosting package. Priorities should go something like this: features, full service, reputation, and, finally, money.

Small Business: Don't Overlook Web Hosting, Fine Print Details

I can't stress this enough. Really. Read that fine print. Read it again. One more time. Do you own your domain name? What happens if the company goes bust? Any storage limits? Any other details you should be aware of? Reading the fine print is always the best way to ensure that you won't be caught off guard.

Need More Info?

Need more information about small business web hosting? Read through the articles on this site. We are here to help you. Questions? Ask away!

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