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GoogleAppsIn the app store market, Google play and Android have monopoly power. Anybody who comes on Internet knows YouTube and Google+. Google is in intimate partnership with Twitter.

To help a business many essential services provided by Google applications are put together inside a suite known as Googleapps. Features like Email, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Talk, etc. are provided on your unique domain. These features can be used by schools, institutions, businesses, etc. Users of GoogleApps will get the following features:

  • Tools for word processing
  • Spreadsheets and presentations
  • A customized email address
  • A shared calendaring system
  • Tools for creating websites for your business and many more.

GoogleApp Use to grow your business

The search engine giant Google is not just active in minimizing your efforts while searching for something, it is actually a whole package of business & individual services. Dozens of apps are there that help you out while executing your everyday tasks, managing your business, or growing up your network. Some of the apps are so versatile that they can be used for a number of purposes. The whole thing is, you can’t take Google out of your life, no matter whatever you deal with.

Why Use GoogleApps?

There is a simple answer of it; you use them because you need them. Another reason of using Google Apps is their ease of accessing. You virtually need no technological talent to use them. They are so simple yet effective. All you need to know is your requirement. Once you are with this information, you can pick out the most suitable app for your purpose. All the apps of Google are meant to give you comfort, and undisturbed connectivity. So if you want to stay connected with the world or if you want your files to access from every corner of the world, one stop solution is a Google App.

Streamlining Internal Communication with Gmail:

Gmail has become the synonym for email. There are hundreds of free email services out there but no one could reach the popularity that Gmail has attained. As per a general estimation, more than 70 percent of internet users globally have at least one Gmail account. Not just sending emails, Gmail is quite effective in streamlining your internal communication. Apps like GTalk aid to it and keep you connected with the world. Gmail is equipped with innumerable advanced features that make it one of the most astonishing emailing services.

Syncing Meetings and Events through Google Calendar:

Gone are the days when you had to keep track of your forthcoming activities. Google Calendar gives you the opportunities to manage all your meetings and events at a single place. This app is very easy to use, and you can access it from every corner of the world. So if someone has a tidy schedule, make a note at Google Calendar and make your schedule a comfortable one.

Improving Collaboration and Project Management with Google Docs:

When a single work is distributed amongst masses, it needs to get shared properly. Google Docs is the best example of most effective & safe sharing. No need to assign a file to individual users. Google Docs thus can improve your project collaboration & project management more effectively.

Sharing Company Knowledge with Google Sites:

Google Sites, a place where all businesses sit together to reach to their targeted audience. So listing your business at one such place is surety of success. Share your company information on Google Sites and see herds of audience landing to your website.

Finding Additional Resources in the Google Apps Marketplace:

The online application market these days is highly burgeoning. There are endless opportunities, as a new app is making its presence every single day. It is highly recommended for every individual & business owner to make full use of these apps, for the profit of his company.

Category types – Google App

Category types:
Comics: Comic Players | Comic Titles
Games: Arcade & Action | Brain & Puzzles |
Cards & Casino | Casual | Sports
Communications: Messaging | Chat/IM | Dialers |
Address Books | Browsers |
Call Management | etc.
Finance: Banking | Payment | ATM Finders |
Financial News | Insurance | Taxes | Portfolio/Trading | Tip Calculators |
Health & Fitness: Personal Fitness | Workout Tracking |
Diet & Nutritional Tips | Health &
Safety | etc.
Medical: Drug & Clinical References |
Calculators | Handbooks For
Health-Care Providers | Medical
Journals & News | etc.
Lifestyle: Recipes | Style Guides
Media & Video: Subscription Movie Services |
Remote Controls | Media/
Video Players
Music & Audio: Music Services | Radios |
Music Players
Photography: Cameras | Photo Editing Tools |
Photo Management & Sharing
News & Magazines: Newspapers | News Aggregators |
Magazines | Blogging | etc.
Weather: Weather Reports
Productivity: Notepad | To Do List | Keyboard |
Printing | Calendar | Backup |
Calculator | Conversion | etc.
Business: Document Editor/Reader | Package
Tracking | Remote Desktop | Email
Management | Job Search | etc.
Books & Reference: Book Readers | Reference Books |
Text Books | Dictionaries |
Thesaurus | Wikis | etc.
Education: Exam Preparations | Study-Aids |
Vocabulary | Educational Games |
Language Learning | etc.
Shopping: Online Shopping | Auctions |
Coupons | Price Comparison |
Grocery Lists | Product Reviews |
Social: Social Networking | Check-in |
Blogging | etc.
Sports: Sports News & Commentary |
Score Tracking | Fantasy Team
Management | Game Coverage |
Personalization: Wallpapers | Live Wallpapers |
Home Screen | Lock Screen |
Travel & Local: City Guides | Local Business
Information | Trip Management
Libraries & Demo: Software Libraries


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  • jonny says:

    Google App bug has revealed publicly 282,867 hidden WHOIS records. 94% of domain names were affected with full names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses being disclosed in WHOIS records. Cisco has discovered that more than 300,000 domains registered with eNom through Google App were affected. Google has received notice from Cisco on Feb19. Company has evaluated the application of WHOIS protection and assured that problem was limited to eNom domains.

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