Company introduction of Egnyte hybrid cloud

egnyte-cloudEgnyte hybrid cloud is a cloud drive that  offers their clients cloud computing solutions. This cloud drive allows their clients to store data on line, share data on line, back up data on line among many other cloud computing services.

Egnyte Reputation

The Egnyte cloud drive has a reputation as a drive that offers productive and cost-effective cloud computing solutions thus could be a unworkable cloud solution for businesses. It is not however advisable when one needs cloud computing for personal needs.

Egnyte Features

Egnyte hybrid cloud is a cloud drive that offers clients a variety of cloud computing services from such as storage, sharing and even back up of clients documents on line. The company has a cloud file server that synchronises the on line copies with the local copies all the while providing safe and secure access to data and allowing for back up and collaboration.  The Egnyte hybrid cloud more over has a local cloud that allows local users to gain access to local files and also have off-line access. The local files on this cloud provide LAN-access. This cloud drive offers clients a set of rich features which are best designed to support businesses very well. It offers versatility of file sharing, excellent security measures that are designed to ensure the safety and security of clients data and on top of that it has comprehensive file support. It also allows clients to store almost any type of file such as Word documents, videos, music files, slide shows and so much more. When it comes to music files however, one needs a third party so that they can be streamed. It also offers mobile device accessibility so that one can access files from whatever part of the world one is in. It supports some of the most recognized mobile Apps in the World such as the i Pad, i Phone,  HP web OS and the Android operating systems.

Egnyte Reliability

The approach that this cloud drive operates on may not be the best recommended in the industry but is is for sure a very cost-efficient way of cutting cost especially for businesses. It also proves to be a very  productive solution for data back up, storage, sharing and even collaboration.

Egnyte Performance

In terms of performance this cloud drive performs quite well especially considering that  businesses tend to use it a lot due to its cost-efficiencies and productivity. The fact this cloud drive supports a variety of operating systems is also a plus seeing that clients get a variety when working with the company.

Egnyte Support/Customer service

The customer care team team at Egnyte hybrid cloud and the technical support team is ever on stand by, throughout the day and night to look into any technical problems that may be incurred in the clients cloud computing services.

Egnyte’s rich feature set is one clearly tailored for businesses, with comprehensive file support, versatile file sharing and robust security measures. The service provides first-rate file support, allowing you to store virtually any type of file, including Word documents, slideshows, videos and more. You can even store music files, though you’ll need a third-party player to stream them.

Egnyte fully leverages mobile devices to provide widespread accessibility to your files on the go. The cloud service boasts apps for some of the most popular and widely used handheld devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and devices with the Android and HP web-OS operating systems.

This cloud service clearly is not a viable option for consumers. But for professionals and businesses of any size, Egnyte’s hybrid approach to cloud computing and storage can be a cost-efficient and productive solution.

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