GoDaddy New Growth Strategy

GoDaddy raked in $1.3 billion in revenue last year. But, as told in a recent interview with Entrepreneur Magazine, most people have no idea what GoDaddy does. Sure, the company puts out some killer Super Bowl commercials, but most people simply remember the commercials without connecting the dots. This is something that new GoDaddy CEO, Blake Irving, wants to change. GoDaddy New Growth Strategy

Growing GoDaddy

GoDaddy has an interesting growth strategy. This cheap hosting company wants to expand by getting rid of the disconnect. As Irving told press, his goal is to focus on small businesses and get into that market – something that might be tough to do given GoDaddy's checkered past.

This cheap hosting company has seen more than its share of bad publicity and problems. Add to that mix a company that most people just don't “get,” and you've got an expensive recipe for disaster.

How can a company like GoDaddy help the public understand what its all about? It's a big problem when the public has no idea what a business does and when brand recognition means zero. For Irving, the process is simple enough, and it begins by hiring the best in the business.

GoDaddy New Growth Strategy: It Starts With Hiring

So far, Irving has lined up a stellar team that consists of former Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, AT&T, and eBay employees – not a bad all-star team. He plans to use these employees to help build the GoDaddy brand. While the company's ads are racy and memorable, there's no point to a billion dollar ad campaign that doesn't clearly convey the purpose of a business.

Irving also plans to revamp GoDaddy's product. He told press that its currently “…not where it needs to be.” It's up to him to make that product excellent, a personal goal of his. But, is all of this enough? It has to be. Otherwise, GoDaddy stands to be shouldered out of the cheap hosting world. Right now, the company is easily recognizable, but few people know what GoDaddy does. This is a problem that has to be fixed.

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