GoDaddy Buys Media Temple

godaddy buys media templeGoDaddy has just purchased Media Temple, one of the most popular small web hosting companies in the U.S. Media Temple was known amongst users as being a hosting company that acted a bit differently. Media Temple had a direct marketing: website experts and professionals. Plus, the company had built up a solid following of niche experts that used the host for its reliability and security efforts.

Will the GoDaddy acquisition of Media Temple change what Media Temple's clients have come to expect? Even though both companies insist that nothing will change, this might not be the case. Here are the details that you need to know if you currently use Media Temple.

GoDaddy Buys Media Temple: Treating Media Temple Differently

This is the first company that GoDaddy has purchased that won't be ripped apart or consumed by the larger GoDaddy name. Instead, Media Temple will be kept whole, and will actually act as a separate company – this means that GoDaddy will simply oversee operations.

All of Media Temple's 225 employees will continue to run the company, as they always have. So, nothing much changes where this is concerned. Why has GoDaddy decided to treat Media Temple differently? After all, this is hardly the first company that GoDaddy has purchased.

GoDaddy Buys Media Temple: Media Temple Has It Figured Out

It doesn't make much sense to purchase a company that's successful and ruin that success. Media Temple will keep running as it has always run simply because it is successful. Currently, Media Temple hosts 1.5 million sites and counting. Plus, the company has more than 125,000 customers – and that's a really big number in the hosting world.

If you add to the mix that all of those clients are of the specialized sort, you can begin to see why GoDaddy wanted to purchase Media Temple. What does GoDaddy want with Media Temple if not to tear it apart or overtake the company completely? Media Temple has some excellent technology and software, which GoDaddy plans to implement. In short: Media Temple will take GoDaddy deeper into this niche market.

GoDaddy Buys Media Temple: What Media Temple Clients Can Expect

So far, both companies have told press that nothing major will change. If you have a Media Temple account, that account now, technically, belongs to GoDaddy. But, you'll still get the same service.

On the other hand, some current Media Temple users are entirely wary of GoDaddy – and many of them choose Media Temple because the company was smaller and less caught up in corporate culture. It will be interesting to see what GoDaddy does with Media Temple. Current Media Temple clients are hoping that the two merge peacefully and without a lot of trouble.

If you are currently a Media Temple client, are you concerned about this acquisition? What do you think of GoDaddy's attempt at tapping into the Media Temple market? We'd love to hear what you think below!

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