Every once in a while, a hosting company gains attention for all the right reasons. Dream Host is one such company. In addition to providing great packages and rates, Dream Host also does its part to help the world through charity work. Here's why DreamHost is on our radar today.

Dream Host: Charitable Donations

Dream host

A lot of companies offer charitable donations, but Dream Host does it all a bit differently. Each month, Dream Host picks a new charity to spotlight, and offers customers the chance to donate to that charity. At the end of each month, Dream Host then quadruples the amount of money raised, and all of those funds go towards that chosen charity. That's a pretty great way to give, right?

But, this company does more than that too.

Dream Host: Additional Giving

DreamHost also offers free hosting to many different charities in need through the company's non-profit discount center. The Dream Host sites states that the company offers free hosting to hundreds of charities in need. While it may not be something most webmasters think about, charities are often lacking the funds to create websites or invest in hosting company packages, so these organizations really need help from larger hosting sites like Dream Host.

Dream Host: Playing Your Part

If you are looking for a web hosting company to sign up with, Dream Host is a great option. If you have a few extra dollars to spare each month, picking a charity from the company's list is a great idea, and it will help with those in need. If you run a web hosting company, get in touch with DreamHost's HR department to find out how the company runs its charity setup. Or, start a charity donation program within your company.

Getting wrapped up in business is easy to do, but you can reconnect with the world and do your part by helping other people out – and giving your clients the change to donate to charities too. Plus, most donations are a tax write-off, and that's not something to shy away from. You can certainly give to others and add that donation to your taxes, there's no harm in that kind of a plan. The fact of the matter remains that you are helping charities that need those donations desperately, and that's a really good thing.

Dream Host: Free Offers

Another great thing that Dream Host does is offer a free trial for two weeks. If you're looking for an ethical hosting company to do business with, Dream Host is a great option. Plus, this company offers a ton of great packages to select from, so do make sure and take a look.

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