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Humans can easily remember names rather than numbers. Domains known by their names, rather than their address, which is unique IP address. DNS lookup determines the IP address associated with a website and connects to it.

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Domain Registrars designated by Domain Registry provides the domain name registering services. They have right to delete or modify domain name from the Central Registries. The individuals or companies register a domain name, handled by Domain Name Registrar.  Unique Domain name provided on lease for given period and renewed further.

Domain Name Purchasing: Domain Hosting

The process of choosing a domain name is a decisive part of website designing. This name grows as the brand name of the website and brings traffic to the site with adequate marketing. A domain name purchased from a web hosting provider directly or through an independent domain service.

Domain name signing-up involves the same process, be it via hosting provider or distinct domain name service. The service asks for extensions to select. And usually ‘.com' preferred as easier to remember. Others are .in, .org, .net and so on. Google prefers .com, .org and .net domains. .info and ibiz domains located as spamming sites.

Domain Hosting – SEO

The domain name also influences keyword optimization. Therefore, choose a memorable name with the potential to rank in first ten listings of the search engine. Domain name providers supply the user with customized, keyword –rich domain names and delete the ones booked. Best domain names are brief and include a one or two word summary of the site summary. An example of an ideal domain name is It is short, catchy, easy to remember and contains no hyphens. It represents the main purpose of the site. A site for geeks to view and review websites. Usually, one hyphen in a domain name is not an issue.  While more than two irritates the user to type and remember.

The user has the option of buying an already established or expired domain name. Probably, through various sites like eBay, SnapNames, NameJet, Namecheap, Afternic., Pool., Sedo, Flippa and DomainTools.

Virtual auctions held specifically for purchasing expired domain names on such sites as eBay and Flippa. The user can start name searching after visiting these sites. Purchasing existing domains brings with it the content, the history, traffic, links and page rank. Before getting into the deal, the user should check the relevancy of traffic charts and money charts. Ascertain, information about server logs.

Registration is done, Once the user selects domain name. At this stage, it is better to make use of tools. Either RegSelect for aiding in comparing prices and options of domain registration companies than losing the domain name.

Domain Hosting Registrars demand the following information:

  • The name of the company or person in possession of the domain who is the registrant
  • Individual sanctioned to handle day to day affairs which means the administrative contact
  • The technical contact person who handles all technicalities.

The person or organization in possession of registrar username and password effectively in control of the domain. Therefore, choose a complex password to grant protection from hackers. Rather the ownership or servers associated would change. Prefer, registrar permits “locking” the account. Most noteworthy, avoid domain name registration through web hosting service. Maybe as this could cause difficulties in domain transfer at a later stage.

Some hosting providers offer .US domain name extending for USA based businesses. For .US extending clients have their presence in the United States for ordering to register a .US domain. By choosing .US extending visitors to a website will know their information is secure. These domain names comprise

  • Add a new dimension to your business and reach new customers
  • powerful, easily-recalled domain name
  • Show support for the American small business
  • Instill pride in workplace or home

DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) Supported

It protects domains from hijack and phishing purpose by signing data digitally to ensure validity. It secures the vulnerable part of the Internet’s infrastructure.

Need for Security Protocol DNSSEC

  • In response to a decade-old vulnerability in the DNS lookup process which allows hijackers to sneak through the process and take control of the session. Thus, Domain Name system could not fully guarantee the validity and the integrity of the data sent in response to a DNS query.
  • Minimized cyber security risks – DNSSEC eliminates the potential for man-in-the-middle (MITM) and cache poisoning attacks
  • An increased level of trust for online activities – DNSSEC makes e-commerce, online banking, online software distribution, VoIP, etc. operations more secure. Hence, would allow a growing variety of online data transactions

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