Company Introduction

visit discountASPNETThe DiscountASP .net web hosting company was started primarily to offer ASP hosting services to clients worldwide. The company offers services to clients from all over the world and has data centers in both the U.S and Europe. The company has steadily grown since it was founded mainly due to the fact that it offers specifically ASP hosting to clients. Its features furthermore ensure that clients are perfectly satisfied with its performance and reliability along with their outstanding customer service.

Services Offered

  • Shared Hosting @ $10/month(3 months Free)
  • Domain Name @ $15/1 year

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The DiscountASP .net web hosting company is reputed to be among the best ASP hosting company in the world, with data centers in both Europe and the U.S. It is also a company that employs the most skilled and talented in the industry to ensure that the services that clients receive from them are the best.


The main features that clients are DiscountASP .net are entitled to include: the ASP.NET 4.5, Windows 2012 IIS 8, web sockets, node.js, ASP.NET MVC4, an isolated application tool, Silver-light 5, FTP,WebDav, MS Access,SQL CE4 is available along with MySQL 5. The hosting at DiscountASP .net also supports Classic ASP and Full trust, on top of which it comes ready with a visual studio 2012, web matrix and the MS SQL 2012 is more so available.

These are just some of the features that the company's hosting plans offers as on top of these, it further allows for remote SQL management,1000MB of diskspace per month, 80GB of bandwidth monthly, IIS Remote management and SQL / Restore tools. All these features are put in place to ensure clients get the best from DiscountASP .net hosting. Clients can also access up to 500 e-mail boxes from the company with availability of web based e-mail, 1 click web installer. On top of all these features, clients are furthermore entitled to a 30 day money back guarantee and 24/7 technical expert support.


DiscountASP .net web hosting company has been able to swiftly growing in the hosting industry because they deal specifically with one type of hosting, ASP hosting services. They offer various services: Windows 2008 Hosting, Silverlight hosting, team foundation server hosting, Web matrix hosting, SQL 2008 R2 Hosting, ASP.NET MVC 3 Hosting, ASP.NET 4.0 Hosting . Since its inception, the company has been able to work alongside other providers of shared hosting the world over and still emerge among the top companies. the company employs the use of a text-based control panel which is very user friendly. The company's network up time statistics are great so far with no complains from clients. In short, for clients looking for great ASP hosting, DiscountASP .net is the place to be.


The equipment that is used by DiscountASP .net hosting company are the best available as the company looks to ensure that the clients' needs are catered for adequately. Their network uptime is guaranteed throughout which means that at no one time will a clients web site be up and running. More, so they employ the best skilled and trained people in the industry to deal with the clients needs.

Customer service

Customers at DiscountASP .net web hosting company are guaranteed a 30 day money back guarantee in case the customer is not satisfied with the services that the company has to offer. Another plus that the company offers their clients is that there is no fee required to set up an account and clients can furthermore get instant account activation. On top of that, clients can reach the well trained technical customer support team via e-mail or the help desk.

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