Devising An Email Campaign for Your Cheap Hosting Site

Devising An Email Campaign for Your Cheap Hosting SiteI've said it before and I'll say it again: I love what HostGator does when it comes to marketing. This company has all of its ducks (er, alligators?) in a row, and this is especially true when it comes to email marketing. Not only can we learn from HostGator how to market a cheap hosting site, but we can apply what HostGator does to other email marketing advice.

You have to incorporate effective email marketing tools into your ad campaign if you want to gain, entice, and keep readers interested. But, where do you start and what shouldn't you do? Let's begin with the absolute “Do Nots!” of email marketing.

Don't Do These Things

  1. Don't send off an email newsletter, note, or any other form of email marketing without reading through that email first. This sounds so very basic, but  – trust me – so many companies don't bother to check for spelling and grammar before sending out an email. This is a vital mistake that will make your company look less than competent.
  2. Don't assume that things will convert from Word (or any other format) well. See those strange symbols in some emails? That's because someone didn't do a conversion check.
  3. Don't be too proud to acknowledge a mistake. Did you make a mistake with an email you sent out to 500 people? It's okay! It happens! Just send out another email quickly correcting the mistake – and, hey, humor never hurts either.

Now, let's talk about what you should be doing.

Devising An Email Campaign for Your Cheap Hosting Site: What To Do In A Direct Email

If you think about it, emails are a simple way of communicating something. Keep your eye on the word “simple” here. Don't cram an email with flashing buttons, arrows, and other loud text. Just get your point across – in a really clever way.

  1. The Subject Line. The subject line of an email is really important. For some reason, it's also often overlooked. This is where a good copywriter will help out a lot. Try to think of something clever, and when that clever line isn't happening, just keep it simple (and try to avoid using any “sales” words that might get picked up by a spam bot).
  2. Give ‘Em What They Want. Why do people unsubscribe from emails? Because you aren't telling them anything new.
  3. Know the difference between a promotional email and a newsletter – not the same thing, but all part of your campaign!
  4. Hire a professional copywriter. Really. Sending out client emails is a lot different than sending out casual emails – though the voice should be somewhat the same depending on your target market.

In the end, an email campaign that is properly conceived can make a lot of people happy. But, you have to know what you're doing – and make sure to test out those thoughts on other people!

Need help with your cheap hosting email marketing campaign? Ask away!

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