Dedicated Hosting Environment

Dedicated Hosting

The server harbored in a data center rented and operated remotely. A client offered with various options to select server resources like CPU, RAM, O.S, bandwidth, disk-space, and control panel.

Various services launched from the server include:

  • Web server program
  • a mail server program
  • a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program and
  • specialized applications for specific purposes

A dedicated server is exclusive for your websites. Regular updating of Operating system is a must to protect it from viruses, malware, and backs. In a managed plan, it is done by the service provider. Hosting company technical staff, does monitoring and server maintenance, compliance, security checks, performance checks, backups, installation of a firewall, reboots, and other security tools.

Unmetered Dedicated Servers – No extra charges incurred for bandwidth overages. Right to choose this option, when your website has traffic spikes or your site involve gaming, audio, video, multimedia or allows downloads and forms submissions. Unmetered Bandwidth capped by network port 100Mbps or 1TB.

Uninterrupted Bandwidth: A significant amount of bandwidth not capped.

Linux Hosting Server
Linux provided functionality, adaptability, and robustness and adopted worldwide as a server platform. Options include SuSE, Gentoo, Red Hat, Fedora Core, Debian, and CentOS. It supports PHP, Perl, Python Apache Web Server, MySQL, Ruby (on Rails), and FFmpeg Support, Secured IPTables Firewall.

Linux is Open Source, thus OS on Server does not cost, so Linux Servers are cheaper options.

Dedicated Linux server web hosting web server offer services such as the Apache web server, the BIND name server, Send mail and Exim mail servers.

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Hosting

  • Saves time and effort
  • Suitable for clients with less technical knowledge.
  • Enhanced Security and Performance to protect against viruses, hackers, and malware. Regular updates and installing SSL, Firewall, anti-viruses, and anti-malware secure system.
  • Resource choice for Operating system, hardware, processors, disk space, and bandwidth.
  • Can create unlimited users and also can split the server for reselling purposes like shared hosting or VPS hosting.

Dedicated Hosting Customers

  • SMB's wish to maintain performance and proficiency similar to large organisations
  • Businesses wish to regularly update technology. They employ technical staff to supervise and run all systems.
  • E-commerce, trading and high traffic websites
  • Websites running critical applications where security matters
  • Web Hosting companies, email providers, software providers
  • Growing Business: The customers who need unlimited resources like unlimited email accounts, databases, bandwidth, and disk-space
  • No technical knowledge or does not wish to hire experts for server management. Businesses only wish to focus on their business activity and provider manages all the server operations.

VPS Hosting

For SME's who want to cut their dedicated server cost, VPS is a good option for them.

The server is split to serve your websites. All the services are almost equivalent to the dedicated server except shared among multiple other VPS hosting accounts.

Cloud Server

Virtual Server built and hosted by a large pool of multiple servers. A cloud server may also be called a virtual server or virtual private server or virtual dedicated server.

100TB Dedicated Hosting Plan Options

100TB Web Hosting offers clients three basic dedicated hosting plans: the ‘Ember Plan’, the ‘Flame Hosting Plan’ and the ‘Inferno Hosting Plan’.

  • The ‘Ember Hosting Plan’ uses a Xeon E3-1230v2 server, the top-selling server at the company, which has up to 2x1TB hard drive and has 8GB of RAM. It also comes with 100TB of bandwidth and a dedicated port of 1GB for only $ 201.15 each month.
  • The ‘Flame Hosting Plan’ uses a single Xeon E3-1270v2 processor and comes with 16 GB of RAM, 1Gbit dedicated port, 100TB bandwidth and 2x1TB of a hard drive for just $239 per month.
  • The ‘Inferno Plan’ goes for $349.15 each month and uses a Dual Xeon E5-2620 processor. This means that clients get 4 times the RAM, a 2x1TB hard drive, bandwidth of up to 100TB along with a 1Gbit dedicated port.

Lunar Pages Dedicated Hosting Plans

At Lunar Pages, clients can select from any of five dedicated hosting plans that are offered: the ‘Dual Core’ hosting plan i3-2100 that goes for $165 per month, the ‘Quad Core’ i5-2500 hosting plan, which goes for $215 monthly, the ‘Quad Core i7-2600’ hosting plan, which costs only $45 each month, the Dual Intel Quad core hosting plan at $465 per month and the Dual Intel Hexa core hosting plan which is the most expensive at $880 per month.


100 TB also uses a fully automated on-demand infrastructure to power their dedicated servers, which are housed in multiple data centers. They also offer around the clock customer care support. 100 TB’s Tera Control Panel is user-friendly and it comes with redundant DNS setup and management; management of SSL certificates; monitoring of bandwidth; system reboots; OS reload and IP routing; and management and much more.

Lunar pages offer clients up to 1TB of bandwidth each month, 5 dedicated IP addresses and i1 domain name with each annual plan. They also use SATA hard drives and RAID 1 disks for optimum performance, power and quality hosting services. This company also uses Intel core, and each hosting plan comes with 4GB RAM every month (aside from the most expensive plan which comes with 64GB RAM each month).


Lunar Pages users can choose between Windows-based hosting plans and Linux hosting plans or even try out the new dual Hexa core dedicated hosting plan, which uses SATA hard drives and Hexa core processors for more power, quality, output, and performance.

At 100TB Hosting, clients get to use a fast, reliable and dependable network that operates from multiple data centers. Other services include a money back guarantee and a guaranteed network up time of up to 99.9%.


Lunar Pages dedicated hosting services cost as low as $165 each month, and as high as $880 every month.  Dedicated hosting services at the 100TB start from $201 monthly.

Who Is the Best Dedicated Hosting provider

100Tb  And HostV Both are the Best as per the analyses, however in 2013 Inmotion is Highly  Recommended dedicated hosting Server Provider By the Experts.

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