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When it comes to storing your data in the cloud, who should you go with? Sure, there are the big names like Google and Amazon, but is there more, and which one has the features you need, rather than a bunch of features you'll never use?

Here are a couple of the big names in the business of cheap hosting for your content in the cloud, along with a few you might not have known about, and their unique features to assist you in choosing a provider. cloud storage

Cheap Cloud Storage Providers: Google Drive

Google Drive offers cheap hosting of your data whether you're a PC or Mac user. Although upload size is limited to 10GB, it's fair to say you probably won't need to worry about this. Enjoy apps for both Android and iOS, as well as a web manager. A 5GB plan is free, but if that isn't enough, go ahead and upgrade to a 25GB account for only $30 per year. You can also choose the 100GB account for $60 per year, the best value.

Cheap Cloud Storage Providers: SkyDrive

Of course, Microsoft had to get in on the cheap web hosting cloud action. SkyDrive offers a free 7GB account, and then packages for 20GB ($15 per year), 50GB ($25 per year), and 100GB ($50 per year.) Your uploads are a bit limited (up to 2GB), but if you are a Windows junkie, this is the service for you as it integrates perfectly with Windows 8.

Cheap Cloud Storage Providers: Dropbox

With incredible app integration, smooth interface, and unlimited uploads from mobile device and desktop, Dropbox is a popular cheap web hosting option these days. They offer only 2GB of space for free, but if you refer friends you are rewarded with up to 18GB of additional space. Upgrade to a 50GB account for $100 per year.

Cheap Cloud Storage Providers: MediaFire

There's cheap cloud hosting, and then there's free cloud hosting. MediaFire has PC, Mac, and Linux clients, apps for Android and iOS, and best of all, boasts 50GB for absolutely nothing. But as we all know, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. MediaFire only allows 200MB uploads. As long as you don't have large files, this service will be great.

Cheap Cloud Storage Providers: ADrive

This service offers 50GB for nothing in their “personal basic” plan, but again, it comes with a problem: yes, you can upload files up to 2GB, but you have no access to the Mac, PC, or Linux clients. What's more, you will be bombarded with marketing emails and banner ads.

Cheap Cloud Storage Providers: SugarSync

If you're looking for an all-inclusive option, this is the service for you. SugarSync offers 50GB free and 30GB for $60 per year, and deals with files across a wide range of platforms: Mac; PC; iOS; Windows Phone; Android; Kindle Fire; even BlackBerry. There are no restrictions on file size, so this is really a great option that you may have never even heard of.

Cheap Cloud Storage Providers: Insync

No, not the boy band from the '90s. Insync offers almost as much as SugarSync (Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry), but doesn't give you the unlimited upload size (10GB is the max.) Get 25GB of storage for $30 per year.

Do you rely on a cloud storage service for your files? What do you like most about it?

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