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There's a new trend in gaming called cloud gaming. What's cloud gaming all about? Think of the cloud. Now, thing of gaming. Mesh the two together, and you have: cloud gaming! That's the easy way to look at the newest gaming craze. Cloud gaming takes advantage of current server and streaming technology in order to bring gamers cloud-stored games.gaikai Cloud Gaming: What It's All About

The goal if cloud games is to provide gamers with the ultimate gaming freedom. Games that are stored in the cloud don't have to be played on a living room console. These games can be packed up and taken anywhere, and that's what makes this type of gaming so popular.

The Cost of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is huge right now, but it's also under the radar. How can it be both? Well, it all boils down to cost, really. Gaming providers have to make sure that gamers have access to cloud games at all times, and that's not a cheap thing to do. Most gaming sites that offer cloud-based games do so on a rent, purchase, or subscribe basis.

Rates tend to range from $5 to more than $50 depending on the games offered and the rent, purchase, or subscribe rate available. To those costs, gamers have to add the fees associated with setting up an Internet connection (not provided by a gaming company). So, the costs can get somewhat high. Cloud gaming faces possible extinction too.

These Games Need More Players

Most cloud-based gaming companies don't offer the big titles. This is a problem, since most gamers want to play popular games — and play those games against other players. If a cloud gaming company doesn't have the best titles and can't offer players competitive game-play, there's no chance of survival.

Right now, there are just a handful of cloud gaming companies. OnLive is the biggest cloud gaming company out there, but this company faces some financial trouble for the reasons listed above. OnLive does offer some fun games, but the company simply can't make any money. Another cloud-based gaming company that's trying to popularize the cloud game business is Gaikai.

Gaikai : Platform Sales

Gaikai saw the potential in cloud gaming too. But, instead of selling games, this company is selling gaming platforms. Gaikai sells cloud gaming platforms to various gaming manufacturers who want to sell those platforms, in turn, to gamers. When a manufacturer wants a gaming platform, Gaikai is the company to call.

Hopefully, Gaikai and OnLive can combine to keep cloud gaming popular. The players are there, but the companies need to find a way to host games, sell platforms, and keep gamers interested in cloud-based gaming. Right now, cloud gaming is largely a concept that's not completely familiar to a lot of gamers, but it could be huge. Given the right amount of funding and the right advertising, cloud gaming just might take over the gaming market — or, at least, make a dent in it!

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