GoDaddy' Snags Another Yahoo Employee

GoDaddy is dipping into the Yahoo employee pool again. The cheap hosting site's CEO, Blake Irving, has just stolen Elissa Murphy away from Yahoo. Murphy ran the cloud services department at Yahoo as VP of Engineering for cloud services. Now, Murphy is switching teams by joining her former Yahoo colleague at GoDaddy.

'GoDaddy' Snags Another Yahoo Employee

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This isn't the first time that Irving has stolen Yahoo talent. Just a few weeks ago, Irving managed to steal James Carroll, former SVP of the Consumer and Global Trade Platform at Yahoo. Now that Irving has snagged two of Yahoo's best, what will the cheap hosting provider do with them?

Future GoDaddy Plans

GoDaddy has an interesting reputation. It's not a reputation without blemishes, but it's still one that most people know and trust. As far as cheap hosting companies go, GoDaddy has to be one of the best known. What will Murphy bring to GoDaddy? Aside from the money that Irving, no doubt, threw at her, Murphy seems to be making a personal stand with this move.

Formerly, Murphy was quoted as saying that she was drawn to Yahoo originally due to the company start-up feel and appeal. GoDaddy isn't exactly in the start-up stage any longer, but the company may still feel smaller to Murphy, and that might have been a selling point. Murphy left Yahoo on a positive note. So, what is GoDaddy working on that will require such awesome talent?

‘GoDaddy' Snags Another Yahoo Employee: PR and More Clouds?

It's really hard to guess at what the cheap hosting provider is working on next. But, if I had to guess, I'd say that Irving pulled Murphy into the mix because of her obvious cloud experience — and, as Irving is quoted as stating — she “…just plain rocks.” That sentiment certainly seems to be true, especially since Murphy was just featured on the Yahoo Careers Page as one of the company's most valuable assets.

Yahoo will certainly be sad to see her go, but GoDaddy seems to have a certain appeal. The cheap hosting provider has been in the news recently due to some X-rated scandals, but GoDaddy remains one of the top cheap hosting providers out there. In fact, GoDaddy is one of the most recognisable cheap hosting names on the Internet.

‘GoDaddy' Snags Another Yahoo Employee: What's Next?

I will keep you posted as news about Murphy's move materialises. It seems as though Murphy is more than comfortable with the move, and she is definitely going to bring more than a bit of experience with her to GoDaddy.

What do you think of the move? Was Murphy a good choice? What will GoDaddy do next? Let me now what your thoughts are about this cheap hosting provider news!

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