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Email hosting is a service with the help of which you can manage emails from various email servers. Small or mediums size business enterprises use the email hosting service to manage their email accounts.

The cheap email hosting service providers offer quality service only by charging less amount of money.

Business Expect Secure Cheap Email Hosting

The enterprise-class email frees business by eliminating the need for managing hardware or software, system upgrades, and data backups. Depending upon the options provided, online and mobile access options, communication with customers regarding outages, migration support and responsive customer service should glance.

Evaluation of infrastructure, performance, security and reliability requirements, integration of the system, security along with observance requirements come under these needs. For sales, other departments and customer service need to interact efficiently and collect relevant data.

It is essential to look at the long-term benefits of hosted email solutions for business.

Benefits of Secure Cheap Email Hosting Services

  • Provides easy management, monitoring, and regular surveillance services.
  • Security and Privacy: The provider provides anti-virus and anti-malware software and protected by any kind of theft. Protect and save data and other information of an organization.
  • Data Ownership: Protect the emails with passwords and only accessible to legitimate users.
  • Implement secure email hosting procedures to protect from hackers.
  • Provide excellent support on issues regarding the email accounts or transfer of one account to other locations. Experts available to troubleshoot all the issues client may be facing.
  • Along with the basic web mail applications, provide other applications to access the advanced options of email hosting service.
  • The latest technology, supreme expertise, security, reliability, and scalability frees business for productive activities.
  • Provides time and resources to lay stress on value-adding to business. It increases productivity and is more effective and efficient than in-house solutions.

Best cheap email hosting solution

Finding the best email solution is challenging. As providers supplied with endless combinations with options, performance, prices and service levels. The process for picking the right host involves following steps:

Hosted and In-House Email Option

Newly established companies and such with no dedicated IT staff should opt for a hosted solution. A simple in-house email platform with its costs of hardware, software licenses, storage, backups and labor costs can prove to be expensive. It costs a bomb when the client takes measures against unexpected downtime. The owner should consider the cost and benefit of free and in-house hosting.

A hosted exchange savings are undeniable for the majority of companies. Cost benefits – automatic upgrades, rapid deployment, and scaling.

Professional or Free Email Hosting

For small business owners, free email services can be a powerful enticing factor. It comes with many selling points like fast account setup, convenient web-based interfaces, and easy-to-use features. Free email services please the majority of consumer users, provide the popular option. Limited contact management tools, deficient mobile data syncing platform, limited customer support, inadequate security measures and unreliable spam filtering restricts functionality. Professional providers invest a lot in maintaining and upgrading email hosting solutions.

Email Hosting Option Selection

Wide ranges of hosting options are offered by business email hosting providers: Web mail services, Microsoft Exchange-based services, Professional-grade web mail services etc. In hosted environment, the responsibility of managing and maintaining exchange servers rests on the provider.

Shared and dedicated hosting are two options, where both provide the same level of security, reliance, and performance. Exchange hosting allows the user to migrate email service provider without coming out of comfort zone of existing MS applications.

Need of Dedicated Exchange

A standard hosted Exchange and dedicated Exchange has its own pros and cons. Standard one uses a shared physical server as dedicated servers are expensive. Microsoft Exchange is another option when you have huge email accounts that you need to manage. Large business organizations use Microsoft Exchange to manage their emails.

Email as Business Communication Tool

Email is the most important communication tool for companies. From conveying information to presenting data and keeping in touch via reports, email is indispensable for businesses. But when email system goes down, the operational costs rise. It proves to be time-consuming and expensive for large corporate along with tough for small ones due to scarce resources.

There are various cheap email hosting service providers that offer you great service. There are custom email platforms available with the help of which users can choose various options. Different email hosting services have different approaches to the methods of email hosting. There are basic standards in an email hosting service. Every web hosting company provides these basic services to the clients.

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