Tor User? Here’s What you Need to Know

Tor Insight

tor cloud & email hostingWe brought you the story of the hidden websites hosting abusive child pornography disappearing from Tor earlier this week, and the problems with Tor's email hosting. It's odd, as Tor was designed to allow users to fly under the radar, keeping their identities a secret and allowing them to post questionable content without fear.

But when I say ‘questionable content,' I am only referring to the main purpose: keeping the identity of journalists exposing government plots under wraps, and a place for a revolution against a tyrannical government to begin. This is its best use, but we all know that there are those out there that have to ruin a good thing. Of course people are going to post questionable and often illegal content due to the nature of Tor, making them feel safe from capture.

Tor User: The Darknet

Tor is referred to as a sort of parallel internet, often called the darknet or the deep Web. With the Tor Browser Bundle, one can put to work the Firefox 17 modified browser to access this underground Internet, a place where Silk Road (website that allows users to conduct transactions for drugs to come in the mail) and child pornography are alive and well.

These sites are only accessed through the Tor Browser Bundle, content contained on “.onion” sites. And that is how Tor's security is best described: layered like an onion.

Tor User: What Happened?

In the middle of the night on Sunday, reports were coming in to the volunteers with the Tor project stating “a number of hidden service addresses have completely disappeared from the Tor Network,” according to a Tor blog post. The reason: Eric Eoin Marques, who the FBI called “the largest facilitator of child porn on the planet” and founder of Freedom Hosting, a hidden services hosting provider, was arrested, his cheap hosting company shut down.

When the FBI shut the sites hosted by Freedom Hosting, not only did they shut down the child porn sites, but they also caused half of the hidden sites out there to go dark. Now, while it's great they killed the porn pages, was it right to shut down the other sites that might have hosted legal content?

Tor User: Not So Secure After All

Naturally, those working on the Tor project are scrambling to figure out how their security was breached. So although they are happy the child porn sites were shut down, they are concerned about the possibility of a security flaw in the Tor Browser Bundle. Mozilla is also working on it, saying it was “notified of a potential security vulnerability in Firefox 17.”

The malware used presents itself in an interesting fashion, mainly because all it does is identify a user's IP address. This is the reason it is suspected to originate from a law enforcement source rather than a malicious one. However, it is just that: suspected. It should be noted that the most recent version of both Firefox (version 22) and the Tor Browser Bundle do not feature this vulnerability.

Tor User: Additional Concerns

Another thing to consider, as pointed out by security expert Alan Woodward, the volunteers hard at work for Tor are anonymous, and could possibly be law enforcement operating stings. However, this is tough — the routes between nodes are random and reduces the likelihood anyone could gather information in this way. That is, unless they are responsible for a large number of nodes.

So basically, there's no way to know exactly what happened, nor is there a way to know who was responsible for the shut down. What you should know, if you are a Tor user: watch your back. Know that your content could be compromised, no matter how anonymous it is purported to be.

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Latest News and Hosting Review NetworkSolutions

Hosting Review NetworkSolutions

Company Introduction – Hosting Review NetworkSolutions

Hosting Review NetworkSolutions

Key Selling Points

  • Leader in technology-enabled business solutions
  • Specialized in designing, implementing and managing technology, communication, and security solutions

Establishment: 1995

Services Offered

Managed Service Provider

Domain Registration

 It is an American technology company, currently, manages around 6.6 million domain names around the world. They offer web services including website design, hosting and online marketing that is pay per click and SEO. Besides this, the company includes easy online account management tools which manage customers account from one centralized location. On top of this, they provide 99.99% uptime with their high-class Unix hosting service. A network solution is the most reliable and secures hosting company which monitors server to protect and secure customers data. The company uses only industry leading tools and advanced technologies.

The founders of company were looking to create a leading internet solutions company. Network Solutions has been operating in the hosting industry for more than 18 years now and has solidified its position as a reliable web host. This hosting company offers a variety of hosting services, from web hosting to web design, Cloud storage, website development, Internet Solutions, VPS hosting along with many others.


  • (December 29, 2017) Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur 360TM List named the company as one of the ‘Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America'. The company ranked 143 on the list and recognized as a well-rounded company mastered a balance of impact, innovation, growth, and leadership.

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Features and control panel

The web hosting services from Network Solutions come with a variety of hosting features from which clients can choose. The company uses Linux and Microsoft Windows servers running Apache or IIS web server .These include CGI, FTP Access, Per, PHP, FrontPage Extensions, MySQL Database, shell access/secure shell, use statistics in graph format. Other features that are included in their services are DNS hosting, RAID1 disks, raw web logs, secure socket support, nightly backups for all servers, IP based hosting, web interface,POP3 e-mail support, SPAM tagging, malware detection, virus protection, IMAP support, auto responders, mailing lists, forwards/ aliases along with many other features.

The web hosting from this company uses the cPanel control panel, which is very easy to use.

The Networksolutions web hosting company offers their clients three basic hosting plans that they can choose from, the Standard,entry-level hosting plan which costs only $9.96 monthly and consists of 7GB worth of storage space, 150GB of bandwidth and comes with 50 e-mail accounts. The other hosting plan is the mid-range Advanced hosting plan that goes for 14.96 dollars and comes with 15GB storage,400GB bandwidth and better yet 100 e-mail accounts. The last plan is the Pro hosting plan which comes with 30GB storage space, 500GB bandwidth and has 200 e-mail addresses that a client can use.

All the plans have some similar features such as, they all include a whole year of free domain name registration, with every one year purchase and site back ups every 24 hours along with FTP access and better yet support of SSL certificates. Some other features include; a Unix packages feature,MySQL databases and furthermore supports CGI, PHP and Perl scripts. The Windows packages features include .Net, ASP, CGI, and Perl scripts. NetworkSolutions web hosting company goes a set further to offer clients a Web site design tool which goes a long way in helping those people who are not skilled in design and or programming. Clients more so get standard templates from the ImageCafe Web Site Creator tool.


The company's overall performance in the hosting industry can be rated as good just as long as you are not creating an e-commerce site. But for sites that are non-e-commerce, their services are good and are quite reliable with good customer service and good up time statistics which increase their dependability and performance. NetworkSolutions web hosting company offers their clients feature-rich hosting, ensuring that the users get the best web hosting services in the hosting industry. Their customer service is furthermore exemplary as their clients are a satisfied lot who rarely make any complains. More over, the Web Hosting plans that clients get from the company have powerful features and tools which are put in place to help clients build their websites and they include:FTP accounts, popular programming languages and 99.99% guaranteed network up time.

Reliability and Uptime Report

Network Solutions hosting company offers performance second to none because of the powerful servers they use in their data centers. Their hosting services are very reliable thanks to the high-speed fiber optic connections the company uses in its data centers. Moreover, they use UPS powered by batteries to ensure no data loss in case of power outage. The company offers 24-hour video surveillance on their data centers to enhance security of clients? data and files. They offer up to 100% network uptime for their clients.

The web hosting services that NetworkSolutions hosting offers are good and are quite dependable and reliable as their up time statistics are good and the customer service that clients get is dependable.The technical and customer support that they get ensures that their needs are adequately catered for by experts in the industry.

Hosting Plans

This web hosting offers clients web hosting, VPS hosting which gives users the choice of Linux Windows or BSD operating systems and dedicated server hosting. All these hosting plans come with round the clock server and service monitoring, 24-hours video surveillance, managed firewalls along with many other features.

What for Customers?

  • High-quality, feature-rich hosting solutions on latest upgraded servers
  • Tailored hosting solutions that help businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest IT solutions


  • 24.7.365 fast response via Toll-free, Live Chat, Trouble ticket system, e-mail by an integrated team of consultants and network engineers
  • iFOYE, In Front Of Your Eyes: State of the art remote access support,  allows technicians from the company to securely and remotely solve issues


The company does not offer their clients a money back guarantee.


Network Solutions is very highly reputed in the hosting industry as a provider of quality hosting services. The performance of their hosting services is top-notch. On top of that, they offer their clients excellent hosting speeds and reliable hosting. The customer and technical support team are available throughout the day, which goes a long way in ensuring the reliability of the web host. Network solutions are your one stop provider for internet and network hosting Solutions, whatever your network networks, this host will have you covered.

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