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Do cheap bulletproof spam hosting services exist? I know that most people aiming to set up a website aren't spammers. But, I also know that you are out there. Looking for a secure site to host spam. Hoping that  cheap bulletproof spam hosting service is a real thing. Bulletproof

Well, it is. There are hosting sites that will allow spammers to set up spam shop. But, before you find those sites (because I'm not going to list them here), or set up a spam site, I'd like to tell you a short story — and, yes, this story does come with a moral (just like mom used to read!).

Events Unfold

Last January, federal prosecutors brought down three men behind a cheap bulletproof spam hosting service. These three men marketed and set up the infamous Gozi banking Trojan. Not familiar with this Trojan? The Gozi banking Trojan basically stole money from banks, in a virtual manner.

One of these men, provided the “bulletproof” hosting service for the scam. The term “bulletproof” refers to a hosting provider that will let anyone host almost anything with the promise of complete protection. How did these men get busted? Simply put: they weren't very good at hiding their tracks. The hosting company could be easily found, and the Trojan that was setup was easily discovered.

Still Searching For A Cheap Bulletproof Spam Hosting Service?

You see, that site that you found might claim that it's a “cheap bulletproof spam hosting service,” but, how much faith do you have in guys that swindle? If someone will go to these lengths to set up a host haven for scammers, what might these people do to you? Or, do you really think that you can trust them?

Furthermore — and this point is an important one — when the Feds took a closer look at the Gozi banking host site, they discovered something interesting. This cheap bulletproof spam hosting service was charging ridiculous fees for hosting packages! This is not uncommon at all.

Be Prepared to Pay More

Sadly, spam sites bring in lots of dough, and can generate lots of revenue for hosts. Since cheap bulletproof spam hosting services are taking a risk by letting people set up spam sites, the going rate to host on such a site is sky high.

Do you have a scam site in mind? Be prepare to pay a pretty penny. That friendly host is far from being the “cheap bulletproof spam hosting service” you are hoping for, believe me. You could pay thousands of dollars for a host of this type. Sure, you might also generate thousands of dollars…until you get caught. So, what happened to those three guys that set up the Gozi scam?

The Outcome Of Scamming

The case is still in court, but if the three men are convicted, they will face up to 90 years in prison! 90 years! Are you ready to pay that price? Still looking for a cheap bulletproof spam hosting service? Think twice before you do…and remember this little tale!

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