• Best 10 Web Hosting Companies
  • How many websites you have seen having pages like:
  • Top 10 Shared Hosting Companies
  • Top 10 Cloud Hosting Companies
  • Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting Companies
  • Top 10 VPS Web Hosting Companies
  • Best web hosting company
  • Best web facilitating organizations in the UK

I think, the Internet is full of such websites. Go to review sites, and you will find them helping hosting customers in choosing, web hosting company which best suits to the need of your site.
Nobody, questions what kind of audit tests and parameters they have applied to reach such kind of lists?
Do you think, such review websites have done enough research to suggest the best or top web hosting company?
If your answer is no, I'm also with you.
Genuine customer reviews can be helpful.
Factors which affect site performance: Speed, Uptime, UI, Proper Navigation
It is true that no company can satisfy all the customers. Thus, there would be lot negative reviews than positive ones. But, if a reviewing website is having a balance of both, then, such a site can be trusted.

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