Sure, you should start a blog for your website, but did you know your homepage is the most important page of all? There's no need to start a blog if your homepage doesn't offer visitors to your cheap hosting website the information they're looking for.website designing Things Your Homepage Must Have

You can set your homepage for success! You want visitors to this page to click through to another of your pages, resulting in the all-important purchase. So how do you do that? By making sure the following information is included:

9 Things Your Homepage Must Have:
  1. Powerful Images. Whether you run a well-known company or not, it's always a good idea to display your company logo clearly. However, include other images that can show users at a glance what it is your company does, too.
  2. Contact Details. Google is the new phonebook. If your contact information is not listed on your site, it will be hard for people to contact you. This makes sense, right? It's also a good idea to include your address. If possible, include an online web contact form. Now a customer doesn't have to click away from your site to ask a question! Live chat is another great thing to offer.
  3. Hours of Operation. If you are going to offer a location map, you should be telling customers when your business hours are too. It probably won't bother you if a customer shows up after-hours, but it will certainly bother that customer!
  4. Links To Social Media Sites. Make it easy for customers to follow you on Facebook at Twitter by including easy-to-see buttons. Don't forget to embed share buttons into your blog posts and pages!
  5. Easy To Follow Navigation. Since users of all abilities will visit your site, you'll want to make sure your sitemap is as easy to read as possible. Though that slick, animated menu seems like a great idea, beginning users probably won't agree.
  6. Special Promotions. If you're having a Halloween sale or event, display it prominently at the top. Users love a great deal, and if it's hidden on another page, they might miss out.
  7. Summary of Services. Though you don't want to provide a long-winded version of your company's history, you do want to explain what your company does in a nutshell. Keep it as simple and concise as possible.
  8.  Testimonials. Take snippets of emails or other correspondence from satisfied customers to display at the bottom of your homepage. Obviously get permission to include names, and if you can, try to snag a picture or two. This helps build trust with potential customers.
  9. SSL Certificate. Display prominently a logo of your SSL provider. Customers want to know their purchase is as secure as possible!

Does your homepage do its job?

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