YouTube Can Benefit Your Web Hosting Company

YouTube Can Benefit Your Web Hosting CompanyOver one billion different users every month watch more than six billion hours of YouTube videos, according to YouTube. What's more, Nielsen reports YouTube is watched by more 18-34 year old adults in the U.S. than any television network! If this doesn't demonstrate the fact your business needs to consider a YouTube marketing strategy, I don't know what does!

But aren't the masses tuning in to be entertained with videos of screaming goats and parodies? Well, some are. Others see YouTube for what it is: a free way to reach out to new customers who might not otherwise be reached.

Why YouTube?

Many different industries turn to YouTube, like the craft industry where you can find how-to videos on the latest techniques and even the firearms industry where you can see a demonstration of the capabilities of the latest and greatest handgun to hit the market. Hairdressers can show off their latest styling tips, while makeup artists can teach the tricks to applying the season's latest color palette.

YouTube Can Benefit Your Web Hosting Company: So what, exactly, can a YouTube channel do for your business?
  1. offer a series of “how-to” videos for customers on different aspects of website creation. You could do a quick tour of cPanel, a WordPress tutorial, or even a crash course in graphic design.
  2. Record a video of tips and answers to frequently asked questions.
  3. Conduct a “meet the customer” interview series, where your satisfied customers share their website success stories, and how your company helped them achieve this success.
  4. Offer a “meet the employee” series, where you showcase those who help customers' websites run behind the scenes. Customers love this, feeling more at ease and comfortable with your business.
  5. Don't forget to record any special events you might attend or host! You can use this footage in order to promote future events.
  6. Show viewers around your office and data center. They'll love seeing where their servers are stored.
  7. Be sure to embed some of these videos directly onto your web pages. For example, the FAQ video above the FAQs. This way, those who enjoy watching videos can see the answers, while those who'd rather read it can do so.
  8. Introduce “coming-soon” products and services while you are developing them. Customers love sneak peeks, and it builds excitement before launch.
  9. Use a video to obtain feedback about something you are thinking about implementing or offering. This demonstrates the concept in a visual way, which will get more responses.
  10. Embed your videos directly into your blog posts. For example, you have a tutorial regarding cPanel basics. Write up a blog post, and include the video for visual learners.

See what YouTube can bring to your customers? Don't forget to engage with your viewers! This is essential — customers will know you care after you've taken the time to respond to a comment or question.

Do you already rely on YouTube? How has it helped your business? Have any tips for our readers? Comment below!

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