Cloud Hosting Limitations

We're always talking about the advantages of cloud hosting on this blog, but I want you to be thoroughly informed. If you plan on moving your business to the cloud, you need to know the truth from every angle, right? Nothing is perfect – including the cloud. Whether you choose a cheap hosting site or any other site, you should know about these disadvantages too. disadvantages of cloud hosting

1. Security Problems. The cloud can come with some serious security issues. How safe is the information that you are storing? Here's one way to look at it: don't store anything on the cloud that you wouldn't store on, say, Facebook. Why? Cloud storage is Internet storage. If you wouldn't share something with the Internet community, don't share it on the cloud. There's one exception to this rule: some companies are now offering security measures that are hard to beat. As time marches on, cloud security will get better, but, for now, keep it safe.

2. Possible Downtime. I know, I know, that cheap hosting company you signed up with promises that your cloud will be up and running 99.9% of the time. Trust me, though, that number is likely not true. If you read the fine print, you'll see that every site goes down once in awhile. You may experience more downtime when you move to the cloud.

3. No Real Support. Depending on what service provider you sign up with, you may be all alone when you need help. Read the fine print, and make sure hat you have around-the-clock support.

4. Lesser Services. Switching to the cloud? Make sure that your new cloud provider offers the same features and services that your older host did. It's easy to say: “hey, I'm saving a ton of money!” while not really paying attention to services lost.

5. Flexibility Options. Sometimes, cloud hosting providers don't offer the same flexibility options as regular hosting providers do. Not sure? Take the time to compare.

Cloud Hosting Conclusion:

I'm a huge advocate of cloud hosting, and I believe that small business should take the leap. Still, there are some drawbacks that you should take a look at, though most of the time these negatives simply require additional research.

Need further proof that the cloud is the way to go? Want to do some more investigating? This article on cloud hosting will shed some light on those fears! Feel free to post questions or comments too, and I'll get back to you shortly.

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