Facts About Wikipedia

Facts About Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a good jumping-off point when it comes to research. While not always the most reliable source (you have to do some additional research), it's a great way to learn about new topics. Wikipedia also happens to be one of the most popular websites on the planet. Want to know more about Wikipedia? Here are some interesting stats.

1. Wikipedia does not have any ads. That clean white space that you see now is the same clean white space that's been there since the site began. Every year, you may see a small pledge request, but that's about it. Sit back and enjoy the ad-free space!

2. Wikipedia is manned by just 35 employees. While a lot of people contribute to the site, there are only thirty-five people that actually work for the site. That's kind of amazing, right?

3. Wikipedia is based in San Francisco, but that's not where the company's servers are!

4. Wikipedia's servers are located in Florida.

5. There are more than 22 million Wikipedia articles! That's a whole lot of knowledge!

6. Anyone can edit Wikipedia articles, it's a group effort. Just sign up on the Wikipedia site if you want to become an editor.

7. Wikipedia is a non-profit organization, so make sure to donate!

8. Articles on the Wikipedia site are available in more than 200 different languages!

9. English is the most popular Wikipedia language, with more than three million articles.

10. Millions of people from around the world have contributed to Wikipedia articles.

Facts About Wikipedia: Articles About Cheap Hosting Sites

If you insert any number of keywords into the Wikipedia search bar, you'll come up with a lot of information about cheap hosting, hosting, websites, cloud hosting, and lots of other stuff related to hosting. Why does any of this matter?

If you are looking to become a reseller host, or are trying to get into this industry in any way, I highly recommend starting with Wikipedia (after you read through this site, of course). You'll find lots of details including the history of popular hosts and sites – you can learn from these pages!

Facts About Wikipedia: Other Interesting Facts

Wikipedia has been around since 2001, and it was originally founded by Jimmy Wales. It's also interesting to note that most university professors don't believe that Wikipedia is a reliable source, so scratch that one from your term papers if you are thinking about using a Wiki article!

It's funny to think about all the sites we use every day, and how very little we know about them! Do you use Wikipedia? If you do, how often do you edit, contribute, or read through articles on the site? Do you know about another Wikipedia fact that I've left off of this list? Let me know in the comments below – and make sure to share this post!

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