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Hosting Review Vodien

Company Introduction – Hosting Review Vodien

Key Selling Points

  • Singapore's leading web hosting provider, founded on the belief and vision to connect people online
  • Web hosting accounts are backed with Acronis’ enterprise-grade backup solutions
  • Market leader in the managed hosting and domain name registration space in Singapore
  • Accredited by both ICANN and SGNIC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)

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Executives : CEO & COO: Alvin Poh

Establishment: 2002


Prestigious Managed Service Provider
From: Acronis
Place: VIP Partner Summit 2016 held in Singapore
When: May 2016
Why: It's efforts in effectively integrating Acronis' solutions for data backup, protection and disaster recovery in their products and services for 25,000 of their managed hosting clients, and 180,000 end-users worldwide.

Hosting Review Vodien – Services Offered

Web hosting, email hosting, dedicated and virtual server hosting, domain name registration and cloud backup services

Other Services Offered

Cybersecurity: Application Security, Network Security, and Anti-Bot Security, together designed to thwart DDoS (Denial of Service), brute force, hacking, and other potential security threats

Customers – Hosting Review Vodien

Target Customers: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia

What for Customers?

  • The company provides better support response times,
  • high-performance hosting and more robust security.
  • Efficiently manages all resources globally
  • Robust Security: Predict and identify security risks, and reduce potential service downtime's

Support: 24.7.365,chat Hotline: +65 6288 6264.

Hosting Review Vodien – Latest News

  • (November 08, 2017) The company revolutionises Cloud Hosting security with A.I. Sentry, a comprehensive cyber security program. An advanced Hybrid Intelligence technology, fusion between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. A comprehensive approach to predictive analytics and breakthrough insights to identify patterns and trends of both known and new cyber-attacks. It would help customers to scale cloud and server resources across dynamic hybrid environments.
  • (July 14, 2017) Singapore Cloud Startup Vodien Merges in a S$30m Deal with Australia's leading online solutions provider- Dreamscape Networks to empower and expands in Asia-Pacific to build their digital footprint. The deal brings two leading organisations to create an Asia-Pacific powerhouse in the online solutions space.

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