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Hosting Review Rackspace

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Since it was started, the company has been able to grow steadily to date all the while offering world class services to people from all parts of the world.

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About Rackspace – Hosting Review Rackspace

Key Selling Points

Establishment: 1998

Market cap – $2.93 billion

Employees: 6,189


President: Jeff Cotten
CEO and President: Mr. William Taylor Rhodes
Managing Director: Reinhard Waldinger
CFO, Senior VP, and Treasurer: Mr. Karl Pichler
CAO: Joseph Saporito
Former CEO-2014: A. Lanham Napier, Graham Weston
General Manager and Divisional Senior VP: Mr. Mark W. Roenigk
VP channel sales: Blake Wetzel

Datacenter:  United Kingdom, Texas, Virginia, Illinois, Hong Kong and Australia, San Antonio, Dallas, and Chicago and Sydney.

No. of Data Centers: 11

Headquarters: Wind crest, Texas, USA

Company Operations located:

Sydney, Australia, Mexico City, Switzerland, United Kingdom, San Francisco, California, Israel, Netherlands, India, Austin, Texas, Zurich, Amsterdam and Hong Kong

Services Offered – Hosting Review Rackspace

Other Services Offered

Rackspace Area of Functionality

Integrated IT solutions for common business: Web site hosting, Web content management, info services, office email and collaboration, private clouds and e-commerce,

Advisory services: for application appraisal and migration, DevOps automation, technology strategy, security, and conformity.

The business offers solutions: transversely a collection of IT form factors, including dedicated single – renter servers, multi-tenant public cloud, a cloud that is a hybrid and private cloud.

Achievements – Hosting Review Rackspace

Hosting Review Rackspace – Customers

No. of Customers: 300,000 business customers in 150 countries, including more than half of the FORTUNE 100.

What for Customer

Network Uptime Guarantee: 100%

Support – Hosting Review Rackspace

Latest News – Hosting Review Rackspace

Previous News


The company has declared a ramped up collection of products attributing improved functionality and support with Amazon Web Services. It provides operational support, expertise, tools and application management to consumers on AWS Cloud. Rackspace is now also authorised reseller for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Rackspace is Offering Two Versions of Fanatical Support for AWS. With fully managed service Aviator Fanatical Support provides customers with full control of the cloud along with Navigator. Aviator provides complete control of user’s AWS environment to Rackspace.

Rackspace Managed Security and Compliance Assistance: It allows customers to leverage Rackspace security experts assist with strategic planning. Furthermore, with most excellent practice tactical day-to-day security monitoring, and multi-cloud security. Also, threat analysis to prevent, perceive and counter likely threats 24 hours a day.

Rackspace Compliance Assistance is a blend of expertise and tooling. It helps consumers maintain and achieve reporting goals and compliance for their environment.

Deal with Amazon Inc. and Microsoft Corp.:  Allows its cloud computing customers to use their data centers and get support from the local tech company.

Rackspace Security and Compliance Assistance

‘The New Normal’ or ‘Vulnerability-Fatigue’, where news of recent disaster ignored, has become routine. More challenges are emerging from cyber security threats and security breaches, which leads to unfortunate and disastrous results. For businesses or to individuals, it becomes a constraint to achieving operations efficiently.

Abstract technology security on network background, vector illustration

To protect data, critical business processes and risk mitigation from potential cyber attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs). A new managed security and compliance assistance would serve for customers globally. This service provides threat detection and centralised security logging and analysis.

Additionally, the company also offers Rackspace Compliance Assistance for PCI and security compliance; and Rackspace Managed Cloud for Adobe Experience Manager, a managed automation platform for digital marketing.

The company provide on-boarding consultation and deployment and manage a customer’s 24x7x3654 from Customer Security Operations Center, from Rackspace headquarters’. It provides host and network protection, security analytics, vulnerability management and threat intelligence.

Features and Control Panel offers various features, top of them are as follows:

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