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Hosting Review HostMetro – Company Intorduction

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HostMetro is a company that deals with web hosting services for quite a time now. They also offer services for domain registration for medium to small business. This company has been well known for years for its contribution to internet marketing. In fact they make marketing and all kinds of promotional activities easier for its customers. It has its base in Illinois and has a track record of providing the best of assistance in regards to hosting services.

Establishment: 2003

Headquarters: Elk Grove Village, offers full redundancy in power, fire suppression, network connectivity and security. Its' infrastructure includes multiple 10Gb/s connections for faster and reliable server speeds. Its all servers powered by Dual Quad-core Intel Processors with 96GB of RAM and RAID protected storage and My SQL data base servers.

Data Center: It includes multiple biometric and badge authentication points, non-stop video surveillance to protect hardware.

Hosting Review HostMetro – Services Offered

Web Hosting Plans: business Max, business hosting and Mega max hosting

Hosting Review HostMetro – Customers

No. of Customers: 50000+ customers

What for Customers?

  • Providing top quality support for client satisfaction
  • Reliable and affordable service
  • Easy to create, manage, and maintain your website and hosting account
  • offers user friendly features in an interface which is simple to understand and easy to run a website
  • Provide discount coupons from time to time
  • Maintains a one to one relationship with its customers
  • Gives maximum storage facility and good level of bandwidth
  • Includes industry leading technologies like Cloud Linux, cPanel, CloudFlare
  • Take automatic, weekly backups of all hosting accounts.

Uptime: 100%

Support: 24.7.365 by excellent technical team

Money-back Guarantee: 45-days

HostMetro Customer Service And Other

Another point that has to be revealed while talking about HostMetro is that it has succeeded in creating in a name for itself as a customer delight company. That is correct it provides excellent customer service. As a matter of fact it has a very professional yet warm customer service team that is available 24/7. In addition to this it also has a good technical support team. They provide its customers the best of technical assistance and are pleasant to talk to as well. They also have a love chat service that can also help customers whenever there is a need. This is why customers of this company are rendered very satisfactory services with a friendly touch. This ensures that they keep getting returning customers as well as good referrals through them.

Moreover they have never compromised on quality for all these years. This is one aspect that has helped them to last long in this trade for sure. The quality of services they provide and the kind of attention they bestow on their customers makes it worth working with them. Talking about quality of services like creating, managing, and maintaining websites brings us to one more point of discussion; that of world class services. Yes this company is one where one can find all of this under one roof. They offer quality services with outstanding services. This certainly is a pointer that adds up to quality and makes quite significant.

A little has to be cited about the affiliate program that HostMetro runs. It is very different from the rest of the affiliate sites. It is very interesting to know that they offer $100 per referral by their affiliates! They even have special reward schemes for high performing affiliates who offer a minimum of 15 referrals a month. Of course this needs a special mention as this is a distinctive feature of this company. In reality these are small ways of representing the fact that they work in a very competitive environment. This is a positive competitive feeling that brings out the best in all of their employees.

In the end it has to be stated that HostMetro is a great company to work with. They provide all kinds of support that a customer may need. They leave no stones unturned and they rest assured it has to be added that it is quite an experience to work with them. So why not give them a chance to host your personal blog or your website and see the difference for yourself!

HostMetro Specifications

HostMetro Companies Features:
Uptime Guarantee: 99.9%
Marketing Credits: $100 Google Adwords Credit
Hosting Platform: Linux
Money Back Guarantee: 45 Days
Backups: Weekly
Auto Backups:
Order Now: Visit Now
Products Offered:
Domain Registration: No
Dedicated IP: Yes
Cloud Server: No
Cloud Shared Hosting: No
Reseller Hosting: No
Shared Hosting: Yes
VPS Hosting: No
Dedicated Server: No
SSL Certificate: Yes
Webmail: Yes
POP3: Yes
Maximum Emails Per Hours: 200 /hr
Spam Filters: Yes
Live Chat: Yes
Phone Support: Yes
Ticket System: Yes
Additional Support:
Language Support: CGI-BIN, PHP Support,
SSI, Cron Jobs
Order Now:
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0 Replies to “Latest News and Hosting Review HostMetro”

  • MP says:

    This is the worst hosting service I`ve ever had the sad fate of using. They suspended my service because I had a cron job sending emails within my organization. They called it mail abuse and they just suspended my account without contacting me first. Then they wouldn`t un-suspend my account. I wonder if they do these bunk suspensions in order to control their bandwidth. Also, I couldn`t talk to anyone because their phones don`t work. No one answers the online chat. Finally, I spoke with someone via their online chat and they said that they couldn`t help me. I received random emails from the admin asking me obscure questions like, “What are you going to do about this?“ But they wouldn`t let me access my account to do anything about it. I know you`re thinking, this is a cheap service, but I PROMISE YOU WILL REGRET USING HOSTMETRO!

  • EK says:

    Garbage. Slow servers, missing emails, useless customer service. Do yourself a favour and stay away!!

  • DH says:

    Much better customer service!! Been with WebHostingPad for over 5 years and finally fed up with the poor customer service and attitude from their staff. In the long run, Host Metro has better services for a much better price. (Read the renewal fine print!)

  • RT says:

    I believe Hostmetro is moderately priced and its software is usable. That`s the best I can say for the company. If you have any technical difficulties, forget it; they are incompetent. They spend more time trying to shirk responsibility than fixing things. For example, without telling me they changed my password and, worse, my main account wouldn`t let me change the password to something else. The techs at Hostmetro kept swearing to me that there was no way anyone at hostmetro would or even could do such a thing. However, 1.) despite all these protestations, the techs did nothing to solve the problem; 2.) later I finally managed to hack my way into my mail and what do you know, an email from hostmetro informing me that they were changing my password. How thoughtful to send it to an account they were locking me out of. Oh, and why did they change the password? Because I had sent lots of mail to my friends. Why didn`t they check with me first? It wasn`t as if I was sending a thousand emails. And yet, I haven`t left. Why? The most powerful known to man: INERTIA. Don`t make my mistake. I wonder: just how many of these positive review for hostmetro here are written by shills?

  • Wilmer Halvorson says:

    When I have made plans to have my own web site, then I was very worried as I am a fresher so I don?t know anything about web hosting. Then, I read the reviews of many web hosting providers so as to know the best one. I compare their features, plans, price and finally I found host metro and availing its services from last few weeks and good news is that I have good experience in using its plans.

  • Ron says:

    There are so many web hosting plans offered by the host metro and they all are available at an affordable price. In their plan they offer several features and among them few are unlimited and few are offer in a limited capacity. Even they offered one free web hosting plan also which you can try if you are availing their web hosting services for the first time and you don?t have confidence in them. Another important thing is this that they will refund your money also if you don?t like their service…So, I think you can opt for hostmetro like I DO.

  • Duncan Goings says:

    Wow I received so much satisfaction when my website looks great and I got good feedback from all my friends and relatives. All this is possible with the help of host metro provider. I used one of their web hosting package which matches with the requirements of my web site and I got good result which makes me feel happy.

  • hosting expeo says:

    I wanted to set up the account, so I request cancellation and they respond that it will take 24 hrs. Billing was done nothing when I check after 5 days. When I call them I got nil technical support. My cancellation has not done yet and waiting for the refund of my money.

  • crown jc says:

    Please try to avoid host metro…use the services of any other hosting provider as their services are not satisfactory. As a friend I am giving you all my suggestion…rest on you.

  • roze mc says:

    Its good web hosting…I used the services…my experience is good.

  • sunny says:

    I am using host metro web host from last few weeks and I don?t face any problem except of the billing which I face from billing department. Problems arise when they have taken my credit card and all the information related to billing and accepting the payment. Billing department of host metro contacted me and told me to fill out a piece of paper with information related to billing, credit cards, photo id front and back part and this all seems to be very odd and dangerous because I have earlier used services of many hosting companies but they didn?t ask such information, so it?s very surprising why they are asking such info, what is the purpose behind this. It?s very redundant because I have already submitted this info and they have accepted that. Another thing which develops doubt in my mind is that are they handling my credit card info very seriously. They are not having a digital verification system, which was requested. I was unable to do all this via paper and thus they have cancelled my order but in order to be fair with me they provide a phone no. But I don?t understand they are filling my info and who knows what happens at that point. It?s really strange….I`ve never had a hosting company request this type of info via scanned paper.

  • rohaz says:

    I read so many reviews of many web hosting providers and after comparing them I finally found Hostmetro. Hostmetro offers various good features such as its c-panel is user-friendly, customer care executives are very kind and respond in a fast way and also helped a lot in resolving various kinds of issues. On my request, my domain name is also changed in a timely manner. Overall I am happy with their services and rest we will see in future if everything will work properly as is working right now.2.Hostmetro is awesome…it is an affordable and easy web host. In fact, it?s quite easy to use and fast to learn. Its customer services are also good.

  • donna jues says:

    Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, 24 hrs customer service, 90 days money back guarantee and all this at a very cheap price…what anyone else need for their website..All this by one provider.

  • nona says:

    Hostmetro sucks…its terrible…my experience with them is very bad friends…I try to contact their customer care dept. But they are very dull, they respond in a very badly manner. Even sometimes I found that the people who are listening us they don?t have any knowledge especially technical knowledge. I can say this because the answers which they gave me of my queries they are wrong and not at all acceptable. I think they are not well trained and knowledgeable.

  • Jc Statler says:

    Hostmetro…what a company man…first time I experience something new, I mean they do as they said. The features which they promised to offer us all are really offered and are suitable as per the requirement of the web site and I like this as most of the companies do not offer which they show us. They just try to attract the customers in order to make their own profits and their services are also not satisfactory. Their commitments are fault. But this is not the case with Hostmetro they fulfill their commitments, offer good features at a competitive price with 24 hrs customer service…all what I need.

  • Brabara marlo says:

    Hostmetro offers cheap, honest, best value web hosting packages containing excellent web hosting features. For the start-ups, these things are necessary to be available at an affordable price…so my requirements are fulfilled. I buy business max hosting and I found their support being very supportive. I would like to recommend host metro to all of you.

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Data-Driven Reviews

  • Current & accurate reviews are based on data and supported by real user experiences.
  • The goal is to deliver the most accurate information possible based on the needs of the majority of website owners and developers, and Ananova reports deliver the most reliable indicators of web host performance.
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