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Small hosting startup's need to realize that uniqueness is strength and they must find a niche market to be truly successful. Imitating other hosting companies would never help to create a stable position in the market. A broad panorama of knowledge and general awareness about the niche market is prerequisite for business profits. A selection of particular market segments and then assuming a position of pre-eminence does not work.

Gaining knowledge, study and doing research is progressively becoming the norm and pattern. Ignorance or carelessness in understanding and analyzing the market segment can prove waste of efforts.
Most startups choose the particular niche, as either, they are well associated or have a strong personal relationship, which they consider as their strength. However, in the niche hosting business personal relationship although help to get the business, but does not cushion its sustainability. A complete deportment holds value and importance, as business is sensitive towards professionalism.

Digital Presence of Small Startups

The biggest concern of such startups is the capital to keep the business sustainable. They need public relation and advertisement professionals, which would bring awareness and usage of digital tools. It is not feasible to provide the advertisement budget, hence such companies rely on their networks where they promote their digital presence and positioning.

The digital presence includes a domain name, responsive website, and professional email address. The startups heavily rely on creation and dissemination of content on social media. The people-to-people communication further enhances their networking and yields positive results.

Review and Rating of Small Startups

The businesses are able to influences, perception, and attitude in their favor. A segment of 3-rd party reviewers enables customers to share their experiences. Thus, critic starts analyzing and appreciating the services or products. The visitors share preferences and appreciation of the standards.
The startups start facing a challenge of being online around-the-clock and public opinion on various platforms. To achieve goals, the company starts achieving wider transparency, that led to better efficiency and accountability.

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  1. Not much content no detail and does not even distinguish between different webservers. No mention of the most popular servers Linux. Cloud admin is not essential at all. If these people are managing your webserver you are in trouble. No mention of security or server logs. Pathetic.

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