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Godaddy 2016

  • Godaddy 2016 Web Hosting News Archive(Dec 9, 2016) GoDaddy Sitelock Partnership Yields Two New Comprehensive Security Features for Small Business Sites – TrueShield WAF and TrueSpeed CDN.
    Small business owners can now protect their website against malicious website traffic by adding a layer of protection. Website content and customer information protected from common attacks which include cross-site scripting and SQL injections. It blocks hurtful spam comments and backdoor access to website files.
    TrueSpeed CDN improves website's loading time, thus improving SEO ranking. Bounce rate gets reduced, and visitors stays for longer time. It also serves as an extra safety net in case of server overload.
  • (07 December, 2016) GoDaddy offers $1.8 billion for German company Host Europe Group, which would allow it to expand further in Europe.
  • This acquisition would make Godaddy market leader in small business cloud services in Europe.
    The move would take Godaddy number of domains managed to 70 million. Presently, Godaddy has 63 million domain names and 14 million customers while HostEurope has 7 million domain names and 1.7 million customers.
  • (Dec 5, 2016) Acquired WP Curve, a bootstrapped startup offering services, and support for WordPress websites. Existing customers would be transitioned over to GoDaddy.
  • (Computerworld Dec 1, 2016) GoDaddy offers WordPress management as a customer attractant
  • GoDaddy launched a search engine for emoji domains, making it easier to search and register available emoji based domains. Apple's new Mac Book Pro let you type in emoji.
  • The Internet is used more on phones and mobiles rather than PC, and this could lead to a flood of emoji-based domains booked.
    Only .ws allow emoji, top-tier domains like .com or .org don't allow it.
  • (BusinessWire India, 2016-10-24) GoDaddy released ‘Future of Work Survey.', a global study that delves into entrepreneurial intent, attitudes, and outlook when considering starting or running a small business.
  • 60% of approximately 1,200 Indians respondents employed in SME's today Aspire to be entrepreneurs over the next 10 years. As compared to Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom, the proportion of Indians is much significantly higher.
  • To address Email Encryption and Archiving service security issues, GoDaddy has partnered with two digital security companies that specialize in their respective fields: Proofpoint & Sonian.
    Email Encryption service: GoDaddy Office 365 customers now have added security with email 256-bit encryption and archiving as part of Premium Security Bundle. Sending the valuable data would be easier and protected, compliant with regulations like HIPAA. For encryption, GoDaddy partnered with cyber security firm Proofpoint to secure and encrypt data in transit so that nobody in the middle can access it.
    The Proofpoint technology detects and blocks advanced threats and compliance risks in more than 600 million emails, 7 million mobile apps and hundreds of thousands of social-media accounts every day.
    For internal messages within the organization, the recipient can respond through the inbox. And for external the receiver access through a link for a web portal, where they can read and respond to it.
    The Proofpoint technology can separate the different types of received emails according to risk, it then quarantines spam, impostor, bulk, fishing, adult, and low priority malicious emails.
    Organizations have granular control over email preference and can set filters determining which emails require encryption.
    Email Archiving: To meet strict compliance and security standards, GoDaddy selected Sonian secured proprietary platform, to retain, retrieve and surface critical data and protect intellectual property. GoDaddy users can archive their email and more than 500 different types of attachments in a highly secure and compliant cloud infrastructure dispersed across geographical regions, facilitating, recovery of accidently deleted emails.
  • (Oct. 6, 2016, /PRNewswire) GoDaddy Surpasses a million .uk and registrations, in the United Kingdom
    Godaddy is the The company has cloud servers launched in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. It offers exclusive setup wizard for integrated Email Marketing with WordPress. The company offers 400+ domain codes including new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), .SALON, .GROUP, .GMBH, .LTD, .MOM, .BARCELONA, .PROMO, .GAME, .JETZT, .STREAM. Implemented WHOIS Privacy for .CO.UK, .ME.UK, and .ORG.UK., which replaces the public information a user, provides with an anonymous proxy identity. One-time malware cleanup services using SiteLock 911 with SiteLock technician review offered to customers. For Asian markets, it has Launched Office 365 to small businesses.
  • Streamlined the HIPAA-compliant email setup process in the U.S.A to help small businesses in the healthcare space maintain their HIPAA compliance as part of their email communications with patients and vendors.
  • Announced its intent to acquire FreedomVoice to boost the availability and quality of voice communication services for small business.
  • Launched Flare, a community-based app that helps bring business ideas to life. The app empowers people to share ideas and get guidance from friends, entrepreneurs, and experts.
  • GoDaddy entered into an agreement to acquire WordPress site management tool ManageWP.
    ManageWP enables web designers and developers to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard, hosted anywhere.
  • looking to do business in Hawaii to provide “resold interexchange telecommunications services” in Hawaii and has filed paperwork with Hawaii regulators asking for approval to offer its services in the state. According to Hawaii Public Utilities Commission it uses a proprietary interactive voice response and unified messaging platform.
    Thus, Godaddy is going to provide interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. It would buy toll-free and direct-inward-dialing numbers and resell those numbers to access its integrated suite of additional services and functionality, including auto attendant, call forwarding/distribution, call queuing, call screening, Internet fax/fax back and enhanced voicemail capabilities such as voice-to-text conversion and email delivery of voicemails. This service would allow single phone to have 2 different phone numbers, and easily distinguish between the two calls: personal and professional
    GoDaddy is in the process of acquiring FreedomVoice Systems, an Encinitas, California-based voice-over telephony company which has also applied to provide resold interexchange service in Hawaii which eventually become one of its affiliates. (Sep 2, 2016, 11:25am HST)
  • GoDaddy announces title sponsorship for ‘World Hosting Days‘. It will lead coversation on on building and enabling a robust ecosystem of web developers, designers and resellers to serve the growing needs of India's 51 million strong SMB market. Also, company will announce a selection of new products and services for web professionals. New Delhi [India], Sept 1 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia)
  • Google and GoDaddy sign up to TAG’s ‘anti-piracy pledge’ new US ad-industry-led anti-piracy initiative to stop piracy websites from benefiting from ad income. This means that they will take steps to minimize the inadvertent placement of digital advertising on websites or other media properties that have an undesired risk of being associated with the unauthorized dissemination of materials protected by the copyright laws.

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