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Latest News And Hosting Review FortaCloud

Company Overview

FortaCloud comprises of an expert team with over twenty years’ of experience in creating and sustaining multifaceted technology and solutions. They base their services on reliability and secured packages. Their datacenters are located worldwide that provide the essential power and connections. With over thirteen datacenters over different continents, FortaCloud has come a long way in committing to excellence and implementing. Most datacenters are Colocation facilities and operate for Company’s Cloud Computing.

FortaCloud is a dedicated enterprise to keep its clients online all the time by providing necessary infrastructure and connectivity through their datacenters in the form of Network Access Points (NAP). To work with effectiveness to attain efficiency is what FortaCloud aims for.

Hosting Plans

Features and Control Panel

  1. Full Root Access
  2. 100Mbps Uplink Port
  3. Premium Multi-homed Bandwidth
  4. 24/7 Hardware Replacement
  5. 24/7/365 Customer Support
  6. Choose your OS/Control Panel


FortaCloud has provided customer service to around 5,000 happy customers for 24/7/365. For anytime assistance relating to set up, rebooting, system restore, upgrade support, technical support or DNS issues, the client is free to ask expert support staff for solutions for rapid response. Along with continuous monitoring by the network operations center, the company provides live operator support. It also provides a one-hour replacement program to cater to hardware problems. Along with these measures, the company provides knowledgebase for FAQ’s, live chat, phone support and tickets. Uptime Report FortaCloud comes with a 100% uptime guarantee. Pros

  1. Stable connections and low latency.
  2. Anti-DDoS system.
  3. Anti-DDoS pro, customize your settings, filter out ports etc.
  4. Latest hardware on their dedicated setup.
  5. User-friendly interface which is easy to navigate.
  6. Very competitive pricing.


  1. Support is not that great.
  2. Lot of different management interfaces can get really confusing.
  3. The company offers no refunds.

Cancellation Policy

FortaCloud’s cancellation department is available on weekdays from 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM. The client can reach the department via a US Toll Free number or Skype. The cancellation notice should be provided 31 days prior to the renewal of next term and all the necessary documentation should be provided.


FortaCloud is for customers who intend to launch, customize and scale their operations at a fast pace. It is for professional functioning cloud hosting provider with enabling creating cloud servers within a minute with a meager monthly charge. Using FortaCloud facilitates the proficient to experiment with the command line and come up with customizing own servers.

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