How To Install ZenCart

ZenCart is a shining star in the world of e-commerce. It is an open-source application written in PHP. It helps you to customize an online store very easily. This shopping cart system lets you explore the endless possibilities of e-commerce without any hazard.

ZenCart uses a MySQL database and HTML components. As it has a built-in system that can calculate discount rates, help to set taxes, receive online payments, and also has numerous other features. It is available under the General Public License (GPL) so you do not have to spend any amount of money to download it.

Before you install and start using ZenCart, you may become curious about its advantages so that you can choose wisely; here are some advantages of ZenCart that are given below:

It is very easy to install. You can navigate around it very easily. You can customize it to your own liking. It has automated tasks. Proper support is provided for numerous languages and currencies. It is free of cost.

Now, to install ZenCart you must read all the information properly. It will be installed from Fantastico, a reliable web hosting service provider. To successfully install ZenCart you must ensure that the Fantastico application is already downloaded and you have to launch it.

After that just follow these quick steps:

1. Click the ZenCart link on the left of the Fantastico screen.


2. The ZenCart application screen will appear then.


3. If you want to install ZenCart in a directory you have to enter a directory name in the appropriate field. If you want to install it in the root directory you must leave this field blank. Example- store.


4. Next step- on the same page enter the name of the administrator and user password in the respective fields.


5. On the next page scroll down and you will see a field where you would have to enter an administrator’s email address.


6. After entering the email address you will see a tab just below called ‘Install ZenCart’, just click on it to Install ZenCart.


7. On the next page you will see a tab called ‘finish installation’. To finish the installation process you have to click on it.

In this way, ZenCart is properly installed on your account. If you do not face any difficulty in this whole process then you can be sure that it is successfully installed on your account.

8. When you further access it just type the admin name and password you have given before.

9. Your new installation will be listed on the script’s homepage.

After the installation process, you may start exploring all its facilities and features. As it is very user-friendly you would not face any trouble customizing it and navigating around it. But do not make haste in learning all the features at once. You should be very patient and go slow on learning it. You may find it difficult to use certain features in the application initially, but as you spend more and more time with the application you will gradually get used to it.

Good luck using ZenCart!

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