The Process of Installing Xoops

Now Fantastico is a reputed web hosting service provider that has been operating for years. Fantastico is very popular with people because it gives the users applications that allow them to perform many different activities.

All the applications provided by Fantastico are quite compatible with CPanel. Fantastico also provides several scripts that you can use to install the applications smoothly.

Now installing Xoops is quite easy provided you follow the correct procedure. Now if you are on the lookout for a tutorial that will guide you through the entire process well you have certainly found the right tutorial. This tutorial is broken down into a series of steps that are very easy to follow.

So now let us get into the steps that you need to follow to install Xoops. Note that you will be required to follow the steps in the same order as stated below in the tutorial.

1. To start the process of installation you will need to locate a tab that says Xoops. Once you locate it you have to click on it without fail.


2. After you click on the tab Xoops; you will be taken to the installation screen of Xoops and on that screen, you must click on the new installation.


3. After you click on the new installation you will be taken to yet another screen where you have to type in a name for a directory in which you want to install Xoops.


4. On this same page you have to provide a name for the admin and a password

5. For the base configuration you will have to provide a slogan for your website and also an email address.


6. When you are done with the above steps you can click on install Xoops


7. To complete the installation process you must click on Finish.


This brings us to the end of the tutorial. So now you can use the username and the password to log in to the application. Now when you are going through the various tools on the application you must take your time to go through each of them very carefully if you rush through the process you may miss out on certain important things. You may also consult some other tutorials that will teach you the various functions of the tool present in the application.

Now as a user you may have a bit of trouble using the application but the best possible way is to keep calm and keep going through the various features of the application. After you have spent a bit of time with the application you can then start to configure the settings of the application as per your own requirements.

So you may have realized by now that Xoops is quite a useful application with many benefits so to get the best out of the application you must install it properly and so if you follow the steps in this tutorial then you will be able to achieve proper installation of the application.

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