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How To Install TikiWiki without facing any problems

Now TikiWiki is not an application that is very difficult to install on the computer all you have to do is follow the steps that are mentioned in the tutorial and you will face no problem at all. Now TikiWiki is a wonderful application that is provided by Fantastico, which is a very reliable web hosting service provider.

All the applications provided by fantastic are very easy to use and handle. These applications are quite compatible with cPanel. Fantastico provides very useful scripts that make the process of application easy and less time-consuming.

Well now let us look at the steps that you need to follow while installing TikiWiki on your computer. Since you are going through this tutorial it means that you already know how to use Fantastico’s interface.

1. To start the process you will have to click on TikiWiki

2. Once you have clicked on this tab you will be taken to an installation screen and you have to click on “new installation”

3. After that you will be taken to another screen where you have to type in the name of the directory in which you wish to install TikiWiki.

4. After you have completed the above you can click on install TikiWiki.

5. To complete the process of installation you must click on finish.

With this, we have reached the end of the tutorial. Now you can use the admin name and password and log into your account. This application has a host of features and tools that can let you perform a host of activities. To learn the usage well you have to go through the interface of the application. It would be wise not to rush through the process of the installation as you will miss out on the important aspects of the application. To learn about the various tools and their usage you may consult some other tutorials.

If you happen to be a new user you may find it a little difficult to go about the interface but once you spend a little time things will work out just fine. Together through this, you will need to have a lot of patience and you need to stay calm. The best part about this application is that you can tweak certain features as per your requirements, so once you are confident about it you can start the process of configuring the settings. Once you start using this application you will notice a drastic change in the performance of your website within a short period of time.

So you have understood that TikiWiki is indeed a very useful application provided by Fantastico, so to bring out the best from the application it has to be installed the right way. So make sure that you do exactly as mentioned in the tutorial to get the process done the right way.

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