How to install Support Service Manager

Now if you are having a bit of difficulty in installing Support Service Manager well that is only because you may not have been following a proper procedure. Well, this tutorial will help by guiding you through the entire process. Now Support Service Manager is quite a useful application provided by Fantastico which is a very reliable web hosting service provider. The company has been around for so many years providing useful applications to the users. The applications provided by Fantastico are very easy to handle and equally easy to install on the computer. All the applications can be used with cPanel.

Fantastico has a wonderful stock of scripts that will let you install the applications very easily on your computer. These scripts also help you to save a lot of time. Now to make things easier for you this tutorial has been broken down into some easy-to-follow steps.
The steps to install Support Service Manager on your computer can be listed below.

1. To start with the installation process you will need to locate a tab that says Support Service Manager.

Support Service Manager

2. Once you locate this tab you must click on it, after that you will be taken to an installation screen where you will have to click on a link that says new installation.

support service manager

3. After you have clicked on the new installation you will again be taken to another screen where you will have to mention the directory in which you want the installation to take place. You also have the option of installing the application in the root directory.

Support service manager

4. On this same page, you will have to assign a name to the admin and provide a suitable password that is strong.

support Service manager

5. To begin the installation you will have to click on install Support Service Manager.

Support Service Manager

6. To complete the installation process you must click on finish.

Support Service Manager

This is the end of the tutorial and if you have followed the above-mentioned steps n the proper order it means that you have been successful in installing the application properly. To learn how to use the software properly you should start exploring the tools and features that come with this application. Now there are tons of things that you can learn to do provided you spend some time with the application. However, you must take care not to rush through the learning process as you may miss out on some important aspects relating to the application.

As a new user, you may face some problems in using the application but the best way to overcome such difficulties you should keep a cool head and be relaxed. You can consult other tutorials to understand the usage of the tools in this application. Once you feel confident about the application you can start off configuring the settings of the application to suit your purpose. To get the best out of this application you must install the application right away without any hesitation. This application is very useful and as a user, you will experience a tremendous improvement in your operations.

As the world turns into a global village, international trade becomes more popular and competitive. Multinational companies are growing at a fast rate; leading to the development of society as a whole. As these companies grow and expand, the need of maintaining good interaction between all the branches of the company becomes more vital. This is made possible by our very own computer systems, internet and its allied services like the facilities of voice conferencing and video conferencing. In midst of using these features, you will often encounter software glitches, hardware faults that can just be solved by a technical expert. The more we get dependent on these technical features the more the need for technical support increases. Support Service Manager helps you in accomplishing these tasks.

Support Service Manager is an application script that has proven to be a master solution to all your technical problems. Often the multinational companies outsource their technical support to a third-party vendor. These third-party vendors may be located in any part of the world. When an employee or user as referred to in general terms faces a software glitch or a hardware issue, they raise tickets via Support Service Manager and the technical experts get the same through emails. Often the Support Service Manager is synchronized with the knowledge base which provides online support to the users. They can refer to this knowledge base and solve their issues instantly. It is a wonderful support application for not only solving your ticketing issues but also for sending administrative support.

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