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The process of installing Support Logic Helpdesk

Support Logic Helpdesk is an application that is provided by Fantastico. This application has loads of useful features and easy-to-use tools that permit you to do a whole lot of activities. Fantastico is a company that has been providing very reliable services in the field of web hosting for many years now. The applications provided by Fantastico are very easy to use as they have very user-friendly interfaces. These applications are also very easy to install. The good news is that all the applications are compatible with cPanel.

Now Fantastico gives its users certain scripts that allow users to install the applications within a very short time. Now if you are looking for a tutorial on how you can install the Support Logic Helpdesk on your computer; well you are certainly looking in the right place. This tutorial will teach you how to install this wonderful application through a series of easy-to-follow steps.

Let us now look at the steps on how you can install the Support Logic Helpdesk

1. Firstly you have to look for a tab that says Support Logic Helpdesk; after that, you will need to click on it.

2. Once you click on the above link you will be directed to an installation screen, now you will notice a link there that says new installation and you have to click on it.

3. The next screen would require you to submit some more details such as a directory name in which you want to install the application.

4. On the same screen you also have to assign a name for the admin and must also submit a password too.

5. Once you have submitted all the details you have to click on install Support Logic Helpdesk.

6. To complete the process of installation you have to click on finish.

With that, we have come to the very end of the tutorial on how you may install the Support Logic Helpdesk on your computer. After the installation has been completed you can now start to look around and explore the application. This application has very sophisticated tools that will let you perform a host of activities within a short time. There are a ton of things that you can learn do it is best when you do not rush the learning process. You can consult other tutorials on how to use the various tools in the application.

Initially, you may feel that the application is tough to use but if you really take a little time and through the interface, you will get used to it in no time. The best part about this application is that it has certain features that can be configured as per the requirements of the client. You can consult several tutorials on configuring these applications too. Just try to have a little bit of patience and you will be able to use this application very easily. As a user, you will soon understand that you have benefited from using this application for some time. So start using Support Logic Helpdesk today without any hesitation at all.

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