The installation of phpFormGenerator

This tutorial is written with the sole intention of educating you on how phpFormGenerator can be installed on your computer without facing any trouble at all. This particular application is very useful and is provided by none other than Fantastico which is none other than a very reliable web hosting service provider. This company is known to provide useful applications and phpFormGenerator is a perfect example of such an application. This application is compatible with cPanel which is an added advantage. All the applications provided by Fantastico are very user-friendly so you will not have a hard time picking up the functions. Fantastico also gives you the chance to use its scripts. The scripts present in Fantastico are quite good and they allow you to install the application within a very short time.

Now lets us get to the steps that you need to follow to install phpFormGenerator successfully onto your computer.

1. Now when you view the interface of fantastic you will have to locate the phpFormGenerator tab. After locating it you have to click on it.


2. After you click on the phpFormGenerator tab an installation screen will come up. On this screen, there is a link that says new installation you must click on that link.


3. After doing the above you will again be directed to yet another screen where you must mention a directory in which the installation process is to take place. You are given the option of installing the application in the root directory. On the very same page, you are required to submit a name for the administrator and a password.


4. After you have complete the above-mentioned steps you must then go to the bottom of the page and click on install phpFormGenerator.


5. To complete the installation click on finish.


So that pretty much wraps up the tutorial on how you can install phpFormGenerator. To install the application properly you must pay close attention to the steps mentioned in the tutorial in fact you must follow them in the exact order mentioned above.

Now that you have installed the application properly; you begin by going over the features of the particular software. Now when you are going over the different features you are actually learning about the application and its various uses. When you take your time to go over each feature over and over again you will be able to absorb things better. So it is advisable not to rush the learning process.

When you feel that you have been able to absorb quite a bit about the software then you can go ahead and tweak the features of the application to get the best out of it. By now you probably understand that phpFormGenerator is a very useful application after all. So make sure you follow all the tips very well to use the application to the fullest.

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