The correct way to install phpCOIN

PhpCOIN is a wonderful application that is provided by Fantastico which is yet another reliable web hosting service provider. Fantastico has been operating for several years now and provides users with numerous applications that have huge advantages. All the applications are very user-friendly and have easy-to-use interfaces. The applications are highly compatible with the cPanel. as a user you will have access to a wonderful script-library, these scripts will help you install the application within a very short time. The scripts are undoubtedly time savers as they can help you do the work in half the time.

Let us now take a look at the series of steps that you need to follow to install phpCOIN on your computer properly

1. You need to look for a tab that says phpCOIN and click on it immediately. Once you click on this tab you will be taken to the phpCOIN installation page.


2. On this page you will have to click on a link that says the new installation, you again have to click on this link and you will be directed to another page where you have to type in the name of the particular directory in which you want to install phpCOIN.


3. On the same page you have to assign a name for the admin and provide a password.


4. After you have filled out the particular details you can then scroll down and press install phpCOIN.


5. To complete the entire installation procedure you should press finish.


Once you have completed the steps mentioned above it simply means that the installation of phpCOIN has been very successful. For the installation to be successful you need to follow the tips mentioned in the tutorial word for word.

Now this application has tons of features and tools that allow you to do various things, so after the installation, you must take the time to go through the various tools and features. You must take care not to rush through the learning phase as there is a lot that you can absorb. You may also consult a different tutorial that will teach you how to use the various tools of phpCOIN.

At the very beginning, you may face a lot of trouble in using the application to your benefit but once you spend time looking at the various features you will get used to it over a period of time. So do not give up on the application and do not feel disheartened under any circumstances.

So once you have learned quite a bit about the application you can then start by tweaking the various features of the software. There are plenty of other tutorials that will teach you how to tweak the features.

By now it has probably occurred to you that phpCOIN is a very useful application indeed and that you can go a great deal with it. So to install this wonderful application on your computer without any problems you must follow the tips mentioned in the tutorial.

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