How to install Phpbb

Phpbb is yet another fantastic application from Fantastico. This application too has very sophisticated tools that help you to complete any task within a very short time. Fantastico on the other hand is a web hosting service provider that has this application on its website for you to download. Fantastico has been around for many years and is providing fantastic applications to the user, this is one reason why Fantastico has become so popular amongst the people.

The applications provided by fantastico are very compatible with CPanel. All the applications provided by fantastic are quite user-friendly and they yield good results provided they are utilized properly. Fantastico also gives you access to some of the best scripts that will allow you to install PhpBB on your computer without any problem.

Let us now look at the steps that you can follow to install PhpBB on your computer without any problems. So make sure that you follow the steps properly and in the exact order that they are mentioned.

1. Now when you are going through the interface of Fantastico on the left-hand side you will notice a list of all the various applications that are being offered by fantastic. In that list, you will have to notice PhpBB. Once you have located that tab PhpBB, you must then click on it.


2. Once you have clicked on the tab PhpBB, you will be directed to the PhpBB installation screen, where you will find a link that says new installation. You will have to click on this link.


3. You will then be directed to yet another page where you have to type in the name of the directory in which you want to install PhpBB.


4. On the very same page you will also have to type in the name of the admin and password. You must also scroll down and click on install PhpBB. This will initiate the installation process.


5. To complete the entire procedure you must click on the finish


Well, those were the steps that you are required to follow to install the application properly onto your computer. You will need to follow the steps in the exact procedure that is mentioned in the tutorial. Once you have completed the steps very properly it means you have been successful in installing the application.

Once you know that the application is installed on your computer you start by exploring the features and learning their usage. You should not rush through this learning process as you will end up missing out on a lot of the important tools and their implementations. So try to keep a cool head while learning about the usage of the application

Once you are confident about using the application you then begin to configure the software as per your requirements. You will surely benefit from using this application and you will notice a tremendous improvement in the way your website functions. So just follow the tips mentioned in the tutorial and you should not face any problems in using this software.

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