A tutorial on how to install Phpauction

This particular tutorial will teach how to install Phpauction on your computer within a very short time. Now Phpauction is an application that is provided by Fantastico which a very reliable service provider. Fantastico has been operating for many years; giving its users some of the best web applications ever. The applications provided by the company are very user-friendly and come loaded with very sophisticated tools. The best part is that the tools can be combined with the cPanel that you are using. Fantastico has a well-equipped script library that will allow you to install the application very easily. These scripts real time savers for sure.

It is assumed that you already know how to go about Fantastico’s interface.

1. When you are going through the interface of fantastic you must lookout for a tab that says Phpauction Once you have located this tab you have to click on it.


2. Clicking on this tab will direct you to an installation screen. Now on this screen, you will have to click on New installation, and doing this will take you to another page.


3. On the next page you will have to submit a directory name in which you want to install Phpauction. You also have the auction of installing the application in the root directory.


4. On this screen you will have to type in an administrator name and a password to go with it.


5. Once you have filled out all the details you can scroll down and click on install Phpauction,


6. To complete the entire process of installing Phpauction you can click on finish.


So now you are successful in installing Phpauction on your computer. However for you to install the application properly you must follow the steps mentioned above in the proper order. Once you are sure that the application is installed properly you can go right ahead and start exploring the application. Since Phpauction has many tools in it you should take the time and go through them very carefully as there are many things that you can learn. It is advisable not to rush the learning process as you may miss out on several aspects if you do so.

Initially, you will face difficulties in operating the application but that does not mean that you should get worked up or give up on the application. You should simply have some patience and things will be fine you can take the help of some other tutorial to learn about the tools and features of Phpauction.

Once you feel confident about using the application you can then begin tweaking the settings of the application as per your personal requirements. After you have used the application for quite some time you will notice a big change in the performance of your website. As mentioned earlier Phpauction is a very important application with many benefits so go through the tips in this tutorial for successful installation of the application on your computer within a short period of time.

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