The easiest way to install a PHP Support ticket

To install the PHP Support ticket properly all you need is a good tutorial to guide you. Well if you are reading this, the good news is that this is a tutorial that will guide you through the process of installing a PHP Support ticket.

Now PHP Support ticket is a very useful application that is provided by a reputed web hosting service provider called Fantastico. Fantastico has been around for many years now and it provides very reliable services to the users. All the applications provided by Fantastico are quite easy to use and are equally easy to download.

As a user you will have access to scripts provided by fantastic will help you install this application within a few minutes. The applications provided by Fantastico are very user-friendly and can be used even by a non-technical person. These applications can be used with Cpanel.

Let us get straight into the tutorial on how you can install a wonderful application like PHP Support ticket on your ticket

1. You will have to start by clicking on the tab that says PHP Support ticket on the left-hand side of the fantastico interface.

php support ticket

2. Once you click on this tab an installation screen will come up and you will find a link there called new installation. You will need to click on this link.

php support ticket

3. Then you will be taken to a page where you have to mention the name of the directory in which you want the PHP Support ticket to be installed.

php support ticket

4. On the very same page you also have to type in a name for the administrator and a password.

php support ticket

5. On the same page right at the bottom you will notice a tab that says install PHP Support ticket. To initiate the installation you must click on it.

php support ticket

6. To complete the procedure you must click on finish.

php support ticket

So this pretty much brings us to the end of the tutorial on how you can install PHP Support ticket. If you have been successful in following the steps mentioned above it means that you have installed the application properly.

After the installation is complete the next step would be to go through all the features of the application and getting familiar with their respective uses. Since there is a lot to learn you must not rush through the learning process instead take your time and make sure that you have understood everything well. If you rush through the learning process there are a lot of important aspects of the application that you may miss out on.

It may take you some time in getting used to the application but when you take your time in learning how to use the tools things will be a lot easier for you in the long run. This application has tons of features that you can use to your advantage. To get the best out of PHP Support ticket you need to follow the tips mentioned in this tutorial very carefully.

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