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An easy tutorial on how to install OSCommerce

Before we get into the tutorial that will teach you how to install OScommerce on your computer, let us learn a bit about fantastico. Fantastico is a web hosting service provider that provides wonderful applications to users. You can use all the applications provided by fantastico with the current cPanel. All the applications from fantastico are very user-friendly and have tons of features that you can utilize and achieve great results. Now you can utilize scripts from Fantastico’s own script library to make the process of installation a lot easier and less time-consuming too. By using these scripts you can make the process of installation almost automatic.

Now that you are looking at this tutorial on how to install the OScommerce application; it is assumed that you already know how to use fantastico. So now let us look at the steps to install OScommerce on your computer.

1. The first step would be to locate the tab OScommerce on the interface of fantastico.

2. After that you need to click on OScommerce, once you click on this you will be taken to an installation screen where you have to click on a link that says new installation.

3. Once you click on a new installation, you will be directed to yet another page where you will have to type in the name of a particular directory in which you want to install the application. You also have the option of installing the application in the root directory.

4. On the very same page you will have to provide a name for the admin and you also have to provide a password.

5. When you scroll down you will notice a tab that says install OS commerce, once you click on it the application will start installing.

6. To complete the installation process you must click on finish.

So you see that installing OS commerce is not a big deal. You simply have to follow the steps in the order mentioned above. Once you can go through the steps without facing any problems whatsoever it means that you have been able to install the application very well on your computer.

After the application has been installed on the computer you can then start to look at the various tools provided. In fact, you should spend a considerable amount of time learning the usages of the various features. To absorb things in a better way you should not rush the learning process. You should maintain a level of patience so that you can learn how to use the application.

After you are quite familiar with the application you can then start configuring the settings of the application as per your requirements. To know more about configuring this application you are free to consult some other tutorial. You will take some time in getting used to the software so try not to get too worked up, keep a cool head and try to get the best out of a wonderful application like OS commerce.

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