How To Install Open-Realty without any trouble

Open reality is a very useful application from Fantastico. This application has many useful features that yield a lot of benefits n the long run provided you know how to use it. Fantastico is a web hosting service provider that has been around for many years no. The company is known to provide very useful applications. All the applications are very user-friendly and are also compatible with the cPanel that you are using. Fantastico will also provide you with a stock of scripts that will allow you to install the applications on your computer without any trouble. People all over the world use applications by Fantastico.

Now that you are going through this tutorial on how to install Open realty it is assumed that you have started up Fantastico

1. When you are looking at the interface of Fantastico you will need to find a tab that says Open realty. As soon as you locate this you must click on it.

Open Realty

2. After that you will be taken to an installation screen where you have to click on a link called new installation.

Open Realty

3. On the next page you will have to mention the name of the particular directory in which you wish to install Open realty.

Open Realty

4. You will have to type in a name for the administrator and also provide a valid password. While typing a password, type in something that only you will remember.

open realty

5. At the bottom of the same page you will notice that there is a button called install Open realty.

Open Realty

6. To complete the installation process you will need to click on finish.

Open Realty

That is the end of the tutorial and you have been very successful in installing Open realty on your computer. Now the next step would be to get familiar with the various features of the application, so to do that, you have to spend a certain amount of time going through the various features to absorb their functions. The application has many sophisticated tools that will make your work so much easier. So try not to rush through the process of learning as there are tons of things that you can learn. You can also consult other tutorials that will help you understand the functions of the various tools.

After you have become quite familiar with the various tools of the software you then start by configuring the application depending on your requirements. You take a while before you are comfortable using this application; so it is best to have some amount of patience. It best to have a calm and relaxed approach to the application You will notice a huge improvement in the functioning of your website after you have started to use this application for some time. This application also has certain eCommerce features that you can use to your benefit. Open-Realty is a very useful application so follow the tips to install the application properly on your computer.

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