How To Install Nucleus without any problems

The nucleus is a wonderful application provided by fantastico. This application has a wide range of features that allow you to do many things. Fantastico on the other hand is a very reliable service provider that gives people services related to web hosting. All the applications provided by Fantastico are very much compatible with cPanel. Fantastico will give you access to a script library that you can use to install the application within a very short time. These scripts allow you to complete the installation process within a short time. Users all over the world are now using these scripts to install applications by Fantastico.

Now it is assumed that you already know how to use Fantastico. So now let us look at the steps that you can use to install Nucleus on your computer.

1. To start the process you will need to visit the interface of Fantastico and then you will have to locate a tab that says Nucleus you have to press on that tab.

Nucleus 00

2. Once you click on the tab that says Nucleus you will be taken to an installation page where you have to click on a link that says new installation.

Nucleus 01

3. After that on another page you will have to type out a directory name in which you want the Nucleus to be installed.

Nucleus 02

4. You will then be asked to type in an admin name and a password.

Nucleus 03

5. On the very same page right at the bottom you will see a button called install Nucleus; click on it.

Nucleus 04

6. To finish the installation you have to click on finish.

Nucleus 05

That brings us to the end of the tutorial. Since you have been able to complete the above steps very successfully it implies that Nucleus has been successfully installed on your computer. Right after the installation, you should spend a bit of time looking at the various features of the application. There is a lot that you have to learn so to absorb things a bit better you must take your time. The best way to learn the features of the application is to have a calm and relaxed approach during the learning phase. You may also feel free to consult any other tutorial to learn more about the features of this application.

Once you are familiar with the features of the application you can start configuring the settings as per your requirements. You may take a bit of time to learn how to use certain features in the application but there is no need to get worked up about it. You should just have a bit of patience and things will work out just fine. Once you have used Nucleus over a period of time you will notice that you have indeed benefited from this application.

You have probably understood that this application is very beneficial so pay attention to the tips mentioned in this tutorial so that you can install Nucleus without any problem on your computer.

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