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How to install Moodle

Now if you have been searching for a tutorial that will help you to install Moodle on your computer without any problems then you have certainly found the right tutorial to lead the way. However, you must know that Fantastico is the web hosting service provider that provides this wonderful application to the users. The company is quite well known and is known to provide very reliable services. Fantastico will let you use their script library so that you can install Moodle within a short time and that too without facing any problem. The scripts can help you complete a task within the shortest time possible.

Since you are viewing this tutorial on Moodle it can be safely assumed that you know how to initialize fantastico.

1. You can kick start the installation process by clicking on the tab Moodle.

2. After you do the above you will be taken to an installation page where you will have to click on a link called new installation.

3. You will have to mention the name of the directory where you want to install Moodle.

4. You will have to mention the name of the administrator and also mention a password.

5.On the very same page you have to scroll down and click on install Moodle.

6. To finish the process you must click on the finish

This is the end of the tutorial. So that means you have the liberty to look around and learn about the different features and their functions. There are tons of things that you can achieve with this application; however, you should really take your time in learning about the application. The learning phase is very important so do not rush, try to pay attention to each detail so you will be able to absorb things better. You should have a relaxed and calm approach when you are learning how to use the tools of the application. The application has a very user-friendly interface so you will not have any trouble finding your way around.

After you learned quite a bit about the application you start to configure its settings as per your wish. Initially, you may face a little bit of trouble using this application but in the end, you will get more than comfortable with the application and you will be able to use it very well. Over a period of time, you will notice a good amount of improvement in the performance of your website. this application is quite compatible with the current Cpanel that you are using and it is also compatible with the eCommerce features that you use.

You have probably understood that Moodle is a very useful application that should be installed by everyone. In fact, this application is very popular and is used by people all over the world for its sophisticated features. Make sure that you follow each tip mentioned in the article for the successful installation of Moodle on your computer.

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