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Procedure for How To Install Geeklog

Now you may have spent a lot of time looking for a good tutorial that will help you install Geeklog. If you have not found one by now there is no need to feel disheartened as this tutorial is designed to provide you with some very easy tips on how you can install Geeklog on your computer. For those who may not know much about Geeklog; well here is an introduction Geeklog is an application that is provided by Fantastico. Fantastico is a reputed hosting service provider that gives some of the best applications to users. All of the applications provide are compatible with Cpanel. The service provider also has an exhaustive stock of scripts that help to install the applications within a short period of time. These scripts are used by people all over the world.

The tutorial already assumes that you know how to use Fantastico. So let us now look at the steps to install Geeklog.

1. To begin the installation process you will have to click on the Geeklog tab on the left-hand side of the interface.

2. After doing this you will be taken to an installation screen where you have to click on a link that says New installation.

3. You have to define a directory name or else you can install the application in the root directory.

4. You will be required to submit a password and an administration name

5. On the same page right at the bottom you will notice a tab that says install Geeklog


6. To finish the installation process you can click on Finish

Well, that is the end of the installation process and you can now take a look at the various features of the application. You must pay attention to all the steps mentioned so that the application is installed properly on your computer.

When you have been successful in completing the steps mentioned above it implies that the application has been installed without much trouble. Now this application has tons of features that you can configure as per your personal requirements. However, before you get to the part where you start configuring, it would be better if you spent a certain amount of time learning about the various features and their uses. You can always consult this tutorial or some other to help you in the process of learning. However, it would be wise not to rush through the learning process, in fact, you should not rush through the learning process. Taking your time will help you absorb the various features of the application. Using this application over a period of time will help you realize that you have indeed benefited from it in a big way. This application has plenty of features that support eCommerce and open-sourced shopping carts.

So it is evident that Geeklog is indeed a very useful application and having it installed on your computer will surely have benefits. You may also feel free to consult other tutorials that will teach you to install Geeklog.

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