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The correct way to install dotProject

If you have been searching really hard for a tutorial that will guide you on how you can correctly install dotProject without making any mistakes whatsoever. Well, you have stumbled on the right tutorial to teach you. Now before we get into the installation process the right way we should probably learn something about Fantastico that provides us with fantastic applications of which dotProject is a wonderful example. Mall the applications are compatible with the cPanel installed on your computer. Fantastico gives you a wide range of scripts that will help you install DotProject very easily on your computer.

Since you are reading this tutorial on dotProject it can be safely assumed that you know how to use fantastic. So let's start learning how we can install dotProject.

1. When you are looking at the interface of fantastic you should try to locate a button called dotProject.

2. Once you click on this button you will be directed to an installation screen and you have to click on the link that says new installation.

3. After that you will be required to supply the name of the directory where you want the application to be installed.

4. You will then have to provide an admin username and a password that is easy to remember.

5. Once you are done you can scroll the page and click on a link that says install dotProject.

6. To complete the process of installation you have to click on the finish link

So that’s about it; we have come to the end of the tutorial. If you have been able to complete the above steps it simply means that you have installed the application very successfully. Now that you have installed the application; it is now time for you to tweak the settings as per your wish. To tweak the features firstly you will have to go through them one by one and understand what each one does.

To understand what each feature or tool can do you must not rush the learning process as there are lots of things that you can absorb. The more time you spend with the application the more you will learn about it. Now initially you will take some amount of time in trying to handle the various features of this application but do not lose hope if you fail the first couple of times. If you take your time and follow every step that is laid down in this tutorial then you will not have a tough time installing the application on your computer. After you use this application you will notice that you have benefited a great deal from this application. As a user, you will be able to take full advantage of the eCommerce features and the shopping carts.

You may consult any number of tutorials to understand the goodness of this application. However, you must follow the tips given in this tutorial for the successful installation of the application.

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