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Easy steps to install Crafty Syntax Live Help

Now, this is a tutorial that will teach how you can install Crafty Syntax Live Help from fantastico without facing any problems at all. Now many of you may not know what Crafty Syntax Live Help really is it is nothing but chat software that will allow you to keep a track of what is going on; on your website. Fantastico is the hosting service provider that provides this application. The application has a wide range of features and not to mention the countless benefits that come along with it. The application will be compatible with the current version of cPanel that you are using. Fantastico comes with a wide range of scripts. These scripts help in the installation of Crafty Syntax Live Help.

Now it is already assumed that you already know how to initialize Fantastico. Below are listed steps on how you can install Crafty Syntex without facing any problems.

1. Firstly on the interface of Fantastico you will have to locate a tab called Crafty Syntax Live Help; after you have located it you will have to click on it.


2. You will then be taken to an installation page; you have to scroll down and click on New installation.

3. Then another page will come up where you have to mention the directory where you would like to install Crafty Syntax Live Help.

4. On that same page you will have to mention a name for the administrator, password, and Email.

5. After you have filled out every single detail you then have to scroll down and click on install Crafty Syntax Live Help.

6. After that you must click on the tab that says finish to finish the procedure.

If you have followed the steps properly then it means that you have installed Crafty Syntax Live Help the correct way. After the installation you are not done yet; you will have to tweak the features of the application as per your own requirements. After you have finished configuring the application

After you are done configuring you can then start going through the various tools and see what they do for you. This tutorial will help you immensely especially if you are new to installing Advances Poll. There are many features of this application that you can use for your benefit. So you will have to spend quite a bit of time learning how to use the various features and tools to get the best out of the application. It is best if you do not rush the process of learning at all as it will help you absorb everything about the application. So remember to have a very calm and relaxed approach towards using this application for the very first time. There will be times when certain things will go wrong but do not get worked up about it just be calm and things will work out just fine.

You must make sure that you follow each step very clearly so that you can install Crafty Syntax Live help without facing any problems at all.

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