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Ewebguru is the top-notch web solution provider in the Indian market offers fully managed Dedicated Hosting

About Company

Top-notch web solution provider in the Indian market.

Contact Information:

G-12,First Floor, Sector 63
Noida, NCR Delhi
Pin 201301
E-mail: contact [at]


Dedicated Hosting

Latest News And Web Hosting Review EwebguruDedicated Servers are fully managed servers having quality hardware comes with IPMI control protected by the Cisco firewalls. With this, proactively monitored and received support all the time. With a quick setup, and SSL Certificate for free of cost.

  • Intel xeonE5-2678v3 under the E5-2600 V3 processor family dedicated server for enterprise-level businesses on Self Managed dedicated server plans
  • It is considered as the Socket 2011-3 processor based on the Haswell-EP core.
  • Hosted at Tier-4 Indian data center
  • High-Performance CPU with 12 Cores
  • Pair with other Processor in Dual Socket System
  • IPMI control
  • Full Root and Shell Access
  • 100Mbps Uplink
  • Cisco Firewall protection
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • 32GB DDR3 RAM
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • Unique IP Address
  • Multi-Threading Performance
  • Supports Advanced Technologies

Cloud dedicated server hosting

Java Hosting, here Apache Tomcat server offered. All the packages comprise Sub Domain, Free Website Builder, Unlimited Database, One Click install apps,

Linux Reseller Hosting comes with Host unlimited domains, with overselling enabled. Private nameserver, Latest WHM/cPanel, no. of unlimited features, PHP, Curl, Cron Jobs, E-Mail based features, PHPMyAdmin, OSCommerce, Zen Cart, free web template, etc.

VPS Hosting offers SoulsVM panel, Host unlimited domains, and Root access. With Weekly Backup, Unlimited features, Private Nameserver, Customer Support, Instant activation also offered.

Linux Hosting offers features cPanel, .htaccess support, PHP/MysQL, mod rewrite, SMTP, Softaculous, RV Site Builder. It also provides a money back guarantee, premium customer service, uptime guarantee and simple control panel.

Windows Hosting provides Plesk panel, MSSQL, ASP.NET, Crystal Report. Instant Setup for free, Proactive Support, MYSQL, Web-based file manager, DNS Mgt. Free features also offered like Web templates, SEO, Google Apps and Script Library.

Hosting Features

  • Utilizes the latest advanced web software for hosting services.
  • DirectAdmin panel: A user-friendly web-based graphical interface tool to manage the hosted services like website administration and hosting options like Emails, and Databases. The three levels access i.e., Admin, Reseller, and User available. It's stable, fast, and compact. Requires low maintenance as it uses minimal code, which is easy to maintain and expand. Automatically recovers after a crash, hence has little unplanned downtime.
  • Dedicated servers come with the latest configuration
  • Email administration
  • Complete usage statistics
  • DNS clustering
  • SPAM fighting tools and and high-tech security for all hosted sites
  • Licensing / updates
  • DNS administration
  • IP manager
  • Mail queue administration
  • System or services information
  • FTP management
  • DNS menu
  • Statistics menu
  • Subdomains menu
  • File manager
  • MySQL databases
  • Site backup
  • Error pages
  • Directory password protection
  • PHP selector
  • Advanced tools: provides a variety of preinstalled apps and easy Integrations
  • Free Migration
  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

Key Selling Points:

  • Powerful Domains & Web Hosting services offered for a client's website.
  • A Website Builder is available to help the clients to develop their websites for free of cost.
  • Reliable and Solid Shared Web hosting solutions offered.
  • Disk space offered as per the need of the client.
  • Choice of Domain name is available.
  • Focus on high speed.
  • Robust and customized VPS Servers.
  • Blazing prompt website load speed.
  • Free Server Side applications included in all the web hosting plans.
  • Good Infrastructure with high quality and uptime.
  • No compromise with quality and service.
  • Lowest Prices offered in the industry.
  • Superior quality hardware backs servers.

What for Customers ?

  • Reliable, affordable & Cost efficient: Hosting plans at Reasonable Prices
  • Quality-oriented web hosting service in India with the latest and innovative web hosting technologies.
  • Future-proof hosting solution for their clients
  • Secure & reliable: Safe and Secure SSL Certificates are offered to ensure security.
  • Best and wide range of web hosting packages are available to serve various types of clients.
  • Regularly updates its server technology to meet the hosting industry's growing needs.
  • Maintains high client’s reputation

Target Customers: businesses, individuals and organizations

No. of Customers

  • At present, the company is hosting over 1,75,000 websites, which in itself is a huge no.

Support: 247365 Professional and Technical Support is available to back all web hosting packages.

Guaranteed Uptime Guarantee: 100% SLA on all the Web hosting packages.

Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days Money, easy cancellation policy


  • Ewebguru has recently introduced its web hosting services at most affordable prices in India without comprising any quality.

0 Replies to “Latest News And Web Hosting Review Ewebguru”

  • Anoop Pandit says:

    Here is my honest review regarding eWebGuru. I have been a loyal customer of eWebGuru since 2013, and since becoming a customer, eWebGuru has done a terrific job in hosting my website. My website loads faster than a lot of the other hosting sites out there and the customer service is fantastic.

    Whenever I run into a problem with my website, the technical support team was very knowlegdeable and promply helped me resolve any problems that my website experienced. eWebGuru is a really good hosting company for anyone who is thinking about starting a website or if you have a website and want to transfer your site to this one.

    One con to eWebGuru, however, is that the CPanel is a little different from other hosting sites. Overall, eWebGuru is a good hosting company that has serviced for 2 years now and I plan on staying with eWebGuru for a long time.

  • Samir says:

    Support queries have been handled very well and if given the wrong info on a particular ticket, when the ticket is continued after a long period of time and a different person is handlind your request, the new person obviously reads previous statements and then corrects them..

    Sometimes it is not possible to comprehend their advice mainly because we the customer are not up to the standard of knowledge that they presume we are.

    The problems are handed a lot quicker than expected, which is always great when a problem is hindering the use of a site, a query about something that is not urgent, doesn`t seem to be an issue and is answered in the same manner.

    I would certainly recommend ewebguru to anyone

  • Nishant says:

    I was tired of those free hosts and was looking for a good paid host then i found Ewebguru, first i thought that it was an ordinary host but when I tried it, I found that I was wrong. Ewebguru features are really awesome and the hosting panel is great aswell, Whenever I`m having any issue Ewebguru`s customer support is always there for me, Their Uptime is mind blowing that my site never goes down. Thank you and Long live Ewebguru! If you`re looking for a good host so you should def. give Ewebguru a try aswell! I`m sure you`ll love it!

  • Ankur Varma says:

    I have just signed up for Ewebguru this morning. Because of recent effort from Ewebguru customer service I have purposely navigated to this site to right a review. Not even one day in and I already know that I made the right decision. I got a personal phone call from Ewebguru welcoming me to the community and offering any help with my site. They already looked over my site and knew that I had installed wordpress so this was a personal phone call. Unfortunately I have missed this call, however, minutes later I get a personal email that they had called me and again offering me to contact them for any assistance or advice I need.

    I have never seen this level of customer service from the many hosting providers I have used in the past. I can not vouch for uptime just yet however in my opinion customer service is the key factor that makes or breaks a good host/company, and so far they make it.

  • Laxmi Sharma says:

    I have been with ewebguru for nearly 4+ years now, and will continue to extend my subscriptions as long as they provided the same service! and the service, which is keeping me with them.

    in terms of uptime, in past 4 years, I only experienced for 25 seconds – and thats about it, may be other customers might have other thoughts, but I have told you my experience.

    Speed has always been good enough, infact I found it better than YouTube as when streaming media content off the ewebguru servers.

    In terms of Help/Support, they really make you feel like you are the only one being dealt with, and it shows in the output as well, in my time with them, I think I have to contact them 4-6 times, and my query was answered/solved within minutes (Maximum time I experienced was 15 minutes)

    In terms of value, the softaculous installer comes with Loads of scripts (some free, some premium), and I dont think I will be able to even use 10% of them in my lifetime, from e-commerce, e-eduation, blogging, forums, you can find ANYTHING there (constantly updated).

    Concluding, if you are looking for decent host for small to medium hosting requirements in long run, ewebguru is the one to go for PERIOD. once your requirement increases in terms of files, performance, you can always look for dedicated/Virtual options.

  • Aditya Kumar says:

    I regret only one thing.. i wish that i used Ewebguru earlier!

    After my horrible experience with hostgator i was reading some of the hosting reviews.
    Well ,not all of them were good.. but after a “careful“ or maybe lucky decision i choose Ewebguru. Why ? Many features for a great price! this was the main reason. With a little fear hoping that i don`t have the same “luck“ like with hostgator i send them a ticket to ask about a hosting plan for wordpress. After ONLY 15 minutes i receive an answer in which they recommend me the hosting plan ,saying that they will help me with site moving/configuration to new server and also they answered to all my questions included in ticket (12 questions included!!!)

    30 minutes and my site was already on their servers!
    Fast ,huh ? Yeah, i know.. 😀

    And the rest is history…

    * beautiful support
    * no downtime (until now)
    * fast servers
    * great hosting plans with many features
    What you want more ?
    Try Ewebguru and you will not regret!

  • Kunal Tiwari says:

    I have been using Ewebguru for 2 years now. While it is true, I was lured in by an attractive low-rate offer, when the price rises, it doesn`t go above what other hosts offer, so it`s still a discount.

    The first thing that stands out regarding Ewebguru is that I receive by far the best customer support, at least by chat, that I can think of in any form of business. They are always available within 20 minutes, which is fine because the chat box pings when they are ready, so I`m never just waiting on hold, I am free to do something else while waiting. When they respond, they are knowledgeable and helpful and I always get my questions answered, whether it is a developer-type technical question or simply about billing.

    The second best thing is the interface. It is clean and beautiful. It is easy to use and offers me tons of control. Some things are even too easy in that I feel it should be harder to do certain tasks, not that it is in any way a problem.

    I`ve never had any problems with uptime nor any issues with the technology. Overall, even though I got involved with them based on the low introductory rate and WordPress integration was touted on their site, I was a little skeptical that they didn`t have the same recognizability as GoDaddy, but I can honestly say, I am pleasantly surprised.

  • Prateek Rana says:

    I have 5 accounts with Ewebguru. I opened my 1st account 5 years ago and I have NOTHING to complain about in 5 years of service!

    I had the “chance“ to try other hosts, and they don`t compare to Ewebguru. I tried to request a dedicated IP and install an SSL with another host and it took about a week! Completely ridiculous!

    The same thing with Ewebguru took a whole 2 hours!

    Excellent product, extremely quick customer service, knowledgeable staff. Oh, and did I mention the prices are extremely competitive?

  • Jaideep says:

    I have been with many companies and tried their customer service. I have not seen a company as efficient and patient as the ewebguru guys. They really go out of their way to make sure they please you.

    I moved from a mochahost because my server was down for more than three days and no good support.

    With the level of task I gave the ewebguru tech guys they never complained but rather find solutions to your problems even if it is beyond the scope of their support.

    I have been with ewebguru for about a year now. I wanted to make sure that their niceness was not just too good to be true. They are great and I will recommend them to anyone.

    To show the extent the will go to make a customer happy. I sent them a link asking them to optimized my site to load like that site. They actually studied it and not only make recommendations but the fixed everything and wrote me asking if there is something else they can do. Come on, where in this age do you find such services.

    I hope you continue to provide this kind of top notch services because people will soon realize what you are made of,

    Thanks ewebguru

  • Alison says:

    I had couple of problems concerning domain name and website hosting. I am just so much satisfied with the help of Ewebguru. I wanted and received to discuss this excellent experience. Thinking about the value they provide, possibly one of the best hosting service provider on earth.

  • C Smith says:

    VPS has a facility of unlimited domains, unlimited email ids and full root access.

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Data-Driven Reviews

  • Current & accurate reviews are based on data and supported by real user experiences.
  • The goal is to deliver the most accurate information possible based on the needs of the majority of website owners and developers, and Ananova reports deliver the most reliable indicators of web host performance.
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