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Latest News And Hosting Review Evolution Hosting

By Ana NovaFebruary 23, 2017November 11th, 2021No Comments

Evolution HostingFeatures

  • Powerful application to easily create top-quality responsive websites, no design or coding skills experience required.
  • More than 1,000 professional templates are available for every website in any specific area: e-commerce, blogs, sports, Movies, web portals.
  • Creating a website is just dragging and dropping various elements onto a webpage. Elements include text blocks, images, galleries, tables, video and audio widgets, maps, Flash animations, product catalogs, email forms and more.

WebSite X5 Evolution

  • It provides plenty of advanced options and setting.
  • Support for Google Analytics, RSS feeds, data management schemes, access control and more.
  • Configuration is available in web design, navigation methods and templates.
  • Performance: Eliminated the reliance on past versions of the .Net framework, compiled it in 64bit and optimized memory usage.
  • Responsive: Single layout for both desktop and mobile. You can change to different resolutions with the Responsive Bar.
  • WebSite Manager App: To manage all websites created with WebSite X5.
  • Animation effects on Objects, Parallax Scrolling & Co. Library of entrance effects to set up and apply to Objects.

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