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PR activity with SiteGeek

NETPRO INDIA, Jaipur is IT based Research Company, developing the online applications for customer and stakeholder communication; they way people want to receive information and spark their action. Every business wants’ its story to be understood to build loyalty and encourage advocacy. Communication approach of the company for building relationship and reputation management involves both digital and social media and is beyond news releases or spinning your stories. Company focuses on the new advanced technologies to serve customers.

Company owns several domains which include:

SiteGek had been working on to develop a set of technologies to rate and review web hosting companies. They are currently monitoring 100 million websites for and collecting stats for the 40k hosting companies worldwide with various parameters which include: will be able to come up with a lot of other stats with all this big data. They are collecting e.g. most popular CMS, largest hosting companies, etc. Company shares this information which influences public opinion and changes behaviour. There is complete strategic plan for communication, connect with the public.

PR Activities did by Company:

Eight Step PR Workflow process with SiteGeek
Research – Provide all the details of the first-hand information being provided and answer these questions:
i) Who is the audience of the company?
ii) What are the messages you wish to share with those audiences?

  1. Observe:
    Find out the online communities where you find Hosting customers and how they behave.
    Find out the culture of those communities and rules of sharing.
    Evaluate people in those communities and answer their questions.
    Try to build interaction with online community
    what type of content they prefer to share?
  2. Listen
    Track keywords in online communities
    What people are saying about the brand or the industry?
  3. Identify
    Target the communities and people that matter.
    Identify the people and communities who wish to engage with.
  4. Internalize
    Figure out what audience needs, for that you need to dissect and analyse the information you gather.
    Develop the content as per their needs.
  5. Route
    Share your knowledge with different departments or professional in office. Not only PR people, we have to engage our other staff to answer, concerns directly on the basis of subject matter expertise.
  6. Process
    Understand the information and develop the message according to it.
  7. Participate
    Build relationship for peer to peer approach.
  8. Insight and Feedback
    try to take feedback

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