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Enable Spam Protection in Cpanel

How To Enable Spam Protection in Cpanel

If you are looking for a way to learn how you can to enable spam protection in cPanel; then you are certainly looking at the right tutorial. Now before we go ahead it will be good if you learn a little bit more about cPanel. cPanel is a useful software that gives the users the chance to use some sophisticated tools that will allow you to carry out all the operations regarding your business very smoothly. So by now you have understood that a cPanel is very important when it comes to looking after the servers and going through the other factors related to any website.

Now let us look at the steps that you need to follow so that you can enable spam protection in cPanel.

1) Firstly you will need to locate an icon that says Box trapper; after that you need to click on it. this adds protection to your inbox from any spam. Now the contacts that are not on your list will have to reply to verification mail before they can send you any mail.

2) To make sure that the box trapper is enabled on an email you will have to click on manage.

3) After that you must on the button enable.

4) Once you have done the above the box trapper will be enabled for the email ; then you need to click on go back.

5) The next important step is when you will have to configure the settings in the box trapper. For this you will have to click on Configure settings.

6) After that you must click on the tab that says edit confirmation messages. This will allow you to edit the confirmation messages.

7) Next you must click on Ignore lists, black or edit white. This option will allow you to divide your contacts into people you want to keep in touch with or people you wish to ignore. Once you set this up you will notice that the spam has reduced a lot.

8) Click on “Home” to the another option for spam controlling.

9) You should also click on spam assassin.

10) Click on “Enable SpamAssassin” to  Enable it.

11) Then you must also click on Go back

12) After that you must configure the spam assassin

With this we have come to the very end of the tutorial. So now you have full knowledge that will let you enable spam protection in cPanel. It is very important that you use Spam Assassin and Box Trapper to reduce the amount of spam. Using both of these will give your account maximum protection by keeping spam at bay.

So now your spam protection is enabled to the fullest and now you can take the time to look around. You should also take the time in looking at some of the other tabs. To learn more about the cPanel you should have a lot of patience and not rush the learning process. In this way you will be able to get a grip on this in a better way. So follow the tips in this tutorial very closely.

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