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Setup Domain redirects in cPanel

How To Setup Domain Redirects in cPanel

While trying to learn something technical it is always better to take the help of a tutorial that guides you through a process with clear instructions. Now speaking of tutorials this article could very well turn out to be a good tutorial that will help you to setup domain redirects in cPanel. Before we get into the technicalities of it all; you should know something about cPanel; especially if you are new at it.

cPanel is a wonderful software that comes with automated tools that allow smooth execution of business activities. The tools are very quick to respond to any command. People use the various features of the cPanel to manage their servers.

Now here are the easy steps on how you can set up domain redirects in cPanel.

The tutorial assumes that you already know how to log in to cPanel.

1) Firstly you must locate the redirects icon and then click on it.

2) Then you have the option of stating whether you want this redirect option to be permanent or temporary.

3) After that you have to enter the particular URL that you wish to redirect.

4) The most important part is now when you must enter the URL that you want to be redirected at.

5) Lastly simply click on Add. So you see that it is quite simple provided you have taken care of all of the above.

6) Now you may click on go back; here you can view the list of the domains, you can manage them or even delete some of them from the list.

This is where the tutorial comes to an end and you already know how to setup domain redirects in cPanel.

So now you can return to the user friendly interface of cPanel and you can start out by looking at some of the features such as the shopping carts, multiple domains , the various email settings and going over the data bases. However when you are going through such features you must take the time to absorb each and every feature of the software. By now it may have dawned upon you that understanding the points mentioned in the article is not at all tough. So when you are learning about the various features you must not rush the process as some of it may be a little technical so try to pay close attention. You should learn at your own pace; a relaxed approach is the best way to go about such things. This will help you in all ways.

Now if you are a new comer to cPanel then you should know that there are certain things that you should know that initially things are not going to go your way but that is not a sign for you to get agitated or feel like giving up; just have some patience and things will work out fine. Follow the tips in the tutorial very closely to get the whole process right without facing any problems at all.

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