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MYSQL database in cPanel

How To Create MYSQL database in cPanel

If you want to create a MYSQL database in cPanel then you should follow the tips mentioned in this tutorial as they will be of immense help you in the long run. Now many of you may be new to cPanel so it is better to be acquainted with the software before getting into the technical aspects of things. cPanel is a very useful software that has very sophisticated tools. These tools allow the users to complete any business activity very smoothly without any hitch. With these tools you can manage your servers without facing any problems at all.

Now when you are reading this tutorial it can be safely assumed that you already know how to login to the cPanel. Let us now look at the steps that will help you create a MySQL database in cPanel

1) You have to start out by locating an icon that says MySQL database wizard. Once you locate this icon, click on it.

2) Then you must enter a certain name for a new database

3) Click on the next step button

4) This step will make you create an id for a user and you have to fill out a username in this step.

5) You have to press enter and then you have to also type in a password for confirmation.

6) After you have taken care of the above you must click on the create user button

7) This step is where you can assign privileges to a user

8) To finish off  you must click on the next step button

Once you have taken care of the above eight steps it means you have been successful to create a MySQL database in cPanel. So now you can simply go back to your interface and have a good look at the other features and even configure certain settings. There is a lot on the interface that you can use; so do take the time to go through them.

If you pay close attention you will see that this tutorial is not tough to understand at all. You need to have a decent level of patience to be able to understand what your software is all about. During the learning period try not to rush things as you may miss out on some of the most important aspects of the software. Things will not be easy in the beginning but eventually you will get used to it. So it is best that you have a relaxed approach while learning things about this software as you will be able to learn things in an effective manner. If you want then you can consult other tutorials as well to get a good idea. Now if you are a new user you may take some time in getting accustomed to things so do not get worked up or disheartened. Follow the tips given in the article very closely and you shall have no problems to create a MySQL database in cPanel.

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